Xbox Hotfix (11.06.2019) - General and exploit fixes plus stats reset

I play on xbox. I play official PVP servers. I’ve been playing sense early access. I’ve been having the same bug occur every day. I’ll just be playing with a full inventory and I just get dashboarded. I’ll log back in and it dash boards me again, I’ll even play single player for a half hour. Still dashboarded. I even plugged my ethernet cable straight into my xbox and the same thing. I have to wait 24 hrs just to play again, and I still might get dashboarded. I’ve played ark and never had this problem. It’s not my internet it’s your game. Plz fix this for the love of god plz fix it.

You certain someone isn’t DDOSn you? Reset router & IP and check that friends list closely.

This is a daily accurence. Theres like 4 people online during the hours I play. I’m not fighting with any one so what would be the point of dosing me.

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I must admit that I was so overwhelmed having to redo my Attributes and Feats that I miss allocated and gave up. since i’m a solo/offline player it was time for a fresh restart anyway :slight_smile:

Whenever i get dashboareded i just go to single player an play offline for a min or two go back to online and im good for the day unless i stop playing then i come back then i repeat


:frowning: Yet another massive update. I didn’t want to DL that last 20 gig update, now there’s a 60 gig one.

Funcom, y’all realize people have monthly data limits, right? Why do you do this to us? There has to be a better way.

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New patch is out!

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