Xbox Patch (09.11.2020) - Data corruption fix!

Greetings, Exiles!

We’re releasing a new patch that will target the data corruption issue affecting the Xbox platform.

The team has also been continuously working on crash fixes and out-of-memory (OOM) issues, which will be addressed in an upcoming patch.

Thanks again for your ongoing support and understanding!


  • Fixed the main cause for the false data corruption issue
    • Please note that the false data corruption error may still appear once after the update, after which the message will only show if actual corrupted data is detected

Note: The fix for the data corruption issue resulted in an unexpected ID mismatch, there was no loss of characters or data on the servers’ side and the developers are working on addressing this issue.

We’ll be releasing a fix as soon as possible.


Yeah the message is gone so how when i look at a server that i play on it says my level is 60 but when I load in it takes me to character creation menu did you guys wipe us


There were no server wipes, please submit an issue report with the server number and character name so we can verify that claim.

Oh no…

Same issue. Corrupted data fixed by removing all the data? :man_facepalming:t2:


I see the same on all servers, all take me to create a new character. Are you joking right now?

@Pdd827 if you have any issue with missing characters on Official servers please open a new thread providing the server number and character name.

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Yeah I will do that but my problem is i play on 3 servers and it’s doing this on all of them

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Same Problem im now lvl 1 lol.

XBOX EU #2117 gamertag: gerfsen

I hope my Structures still stand lol.

Thx für help.

Same problem here aswell, lost my character progression completely

Xbox EU #2002

Gamertag: Hellfire Stevo

Dear Hugo, MANY players cannot log in because we are taken to character creation screen and fear that if we do, everything we have will be gone.

Why do you still need ticket submission when this is a large scale issue ?

Also, how will i know my buildings do not decay by the time you guys ‘maybe’ fix this ?

EDIT : server 2020
Character name : NL Alldestroyer

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Xbox NA# 2726

Character name on server: Rylai

Xbox gamertag: Aielas

I try to log in and it sends me to character creation

Server: US 2583
Character: Vishpala

We’re in touch with the developers to verify this situation, we’ll keep you posted as soon as we have any developments to share.

I’m on several servers, new patch wiped my characters on all of them including the one I own. The discord’s for these servers are blowing up with people having the same problem. I could’ve lived with ignoring the corrupted data file, everybody lost everything with this patch.

They need to revert immediately

Xbox official server 2200
Gamertag rlopez710
Character Renne
Clan Krazies
Nice job your fixes always mess the game up

I’ve lost my charter on official server #2105 name Tara level 60
GT Dragoniul

Looks like you just killed your own game…
Well done :clap:t2: