Xbox Hotfix (16.05.2019) - Critical fixes and wiping of unintended thralls

Are consoles getting the riddle of steel dlc?

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It says in the near time… cant wait to get my fingers on it :slight_smile:

Funcom correct this!!!

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Yes, according to Ignatius it should be by the end of the month.

Sorry, I’m not good at linking old threads on but I took a screenshot of his reply.

Thank you for the clarification.

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Our team is still investigating the issue with the god bubbles. If you have information about how to reproduce this issue please report it following these steps:

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God bubbles disappear when server resets making them a waste of time and leaving bases vulnerable. This is MANY PLAYERS #1 issue!!! Get the damn things fixed it is absolutely ridiculous to have this massive update so soon and not fix that. What the hell is going on! Fix it!

They disappear when servers reset it’s a MAJOR ISSUE!!!

Fix the bubble please I’ve submitted reports and it should have been priority unless you want to kill all your pvp servers climbing in caves and thralls that is not that bad compared to god protection and 500 zeal wasted daily!

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I can not log in. Nearly 48 hrs now.

I use the disc version. xbox one x. directly after upgrade when starting game it several times crashed to desktop again during loading picture (conan & woman loading picture). Had to restart the whole machine.

After that is was fine.

Add: The crash was before you got the screen were to choose online/offline/settings

The problem with frequent CTD when starting with online game I have since I started playing Conan. But here helps the known workaround first offlline then online.


I have to load single player then reload to desktop then go online

Not a full server wipe, right? Scary thoughts man

what’s the link for the new stuff added? The Riddle of Steel and what not?

No, not a full server wipe.

Riddle of steel should hit by the end of the month. It’s posted above.

Treasures of Tuiran is in the Microsoft store. All of the other items, such as limited thrall wipe and fix to traps, are in the automatic update.

Hope this helps

Awesome, thank you

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Hey everybody,

Our team is looking into the god protection issue. Apologies for the frustration.

Hello Ignasis,

thank you for patiently taking care of us day by day :slight_smile:

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