PC Hotfix (16.05.2019) - Small fixes and second wave of thrall wiping


Hey everybody!

We wanted to get this hotfix out quickly to address a couple of issues in the game. We are also proceeding to wipe the remaining thralls that were unintended to be converted, as we announced on our latest patch notes and on this announcement.. For reference, the full list of affected thralls is the following:

The Watcher Above
Half-Child of Dagon
The Captain Below
The Ritual Keeper
Samar the Blade
Enia the Searcher
Obsun of Hyrkania
Ness of Shem
Moras of the Sands
Hat’She the Mad
Seeker Ophelia
Brandt of Zingara
Brood-Guard Assin
Brood-Guard Issis
Vathis the Hierophant
Emissary of Haon-Dor
Emissary of Tsathoggua

Please note that this wipe will only target official servers. Single-player, Co-op and private servers will be unaffected by it. We thoroughly discussed it internally and agreed that the presence of these thralls would provide a benefit in-game too high. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Please remember that updates can mess with your installed mods. We suggest taking a backup of your current database before updating to any new patch if you have mods installed.



  • Dismantling traps will no longer give Explosive Jar back.


  • Thralls that were not intended to be converted will be removed from the game when spawned. For the full list, please refer above.


  • MaxhealthBuff now correctly restores max health instead of stamina upon expiration


Trello Report Board

We have a public bug tracking board here! You can check this to track the issues that get brought up by the community the most. In the “For prioritization” column you can vote for the issues you would like us to prioritize and we will make sure it gets moved into development asap. You can read the full details on how it works on the forum post here.

Separate TestLive Product on Steam

We heard your input regarding the inconvenience with having to switch back and forth between the main game and our TestLive servers. To make it easier for you and because we really value your testing and feedback, we added a separate product for the TestLive server on Steam.

If you own Conan Exiles on Steam, you should now see a separate Product called “Conan Exiles - Testlive Client” in your library which gives you the option to install an additional instance of the game specifically for the TestLive servers. Please be aware that this will prompt you for a full additional installation.

We are aware that not everyone wants install or has space for two full installations. For those of you who don’t want to play through the additional TestLive Client, you can still access the TestLive servers through our old method.

PC Hotfix (12.05.2019) - Critical fixes
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Thanks for the clarification !

I think many privat servers will be happy, so will singleplayers. A little goody for the unloved, or those feeling so most time. :wink:

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Update size: 92.9 MB


Yes. that’s ! :crazy_face:

My new ssd is on the way, since i played and installed several times ARK i don’t look to much at the size, better for me ! :wink:


If this wipe targets only official servers than how can I remove those thralls on our private server and will our players still be able to catch them?


Why is Vathis the Hierophant being wiped?

He was able to be acquired from the volcano a year ago, if not more on PC.

How does he fall in this wipe?

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You’re going to love that SSD. :grinning:


Yes, ssd are essential now, this one will just be bigger, faster than the olders i have.
But i have a feeling, it’s not the last one. :wink:

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Why the hell did you humiliate Spinas and Dykes fighters ??? I spent a lot of time to catch them, now you made it rubbish !!!


I hope their prices will go down.


They’re way cheaper than a time, i remember the first i bought some years ago.
Still is a price, i agree if you want a good fast one, sure. Like all what is good. Good GPU’s have also a price.


Huge thank you for the notice about this yesterday on Twitter!! It was very nice to have that heads up.
Thanks for the hotfix too. :wink:


i still feel like removing Vathis was unnecessary if im right in thinking he is the only one on the list that was convertible from the start untill you changed that as well i know this vathis change will anger a lot of the community and hopefully you rethink the change in the future




They removed the ability to headbonk him back when they made him actually say stuff about the Volcano. He just got re-bonkable due to the glitch with the newest dungeon, so they’re just re-doing what they had un-done before.


Thing is even though they removed being able to knock him out there were literally dozens still on servers either standing around or stashed.


As Vathis dies, so will their game. Pure rage here. :rage:


Why the laughter? It was nice to know when to expect the patch.


Cool, now fix the god bubbles, thanks!