Xbox Hotfix (28.06.2018)

Cant download, alreaey tried to pause and unpause download

Edit: Restarted console and its downloading

Will there be a patch fix for the random crashes? I notice most people if not all I play with experience a random game crash every 2-3 hours it’s honestly one of the biggest problems in my opinion that and body’s sometime not appearing.

We are still working on addressing crash issues :slight_smile:


Most of these fixes are for a paid-content DLC that you pushed out before fixing the actual Game that we already paid for. Do you guys have the time to fix the product we already got now please? I might even consider paying for DLCs if the main product finally works… :vulcan_salute:


jop, same here. Every time…

Depending on certification we’re aiming to roll out a parity patch for consoles sometime next week, hopefully:

The DLC fixes listed in this particular hotfix was the work of one guy. The rest of the team is working on other fixes and new content.


Tho when do we get to use the aquilonian stuff thats already in the game? I havent seen a releasedate anywhere :confused:

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That’s because we haven’t announced a release date yet :slight_smile: It’s not available for purchase.


Can you tell us at least when the releasedate is announced :wink:

ps. is it based on the shaipur temple from the 2016 movie? cause its all white and marble :stuck_out_tongue:

cause if so, then im definitely going to build a roman town with temple and a colusseum as crown jewel.

Its paid cosmetic by the artist team. Not the development team that adresses stuff like bugs, crashes and so on.

All will be revealed in due time :slight_smile:


I am on a rented GPortal server.

Looking forward to it. It has the potential to be a great game, once you have finished fixing it. Working on new content makes a lot more sense when custumers are satisfied with the main product though. Happy addicts are willing to pay more :wink:

Thx for the reply and have a nice day…

Well since its already in the game are we looking at a late july/eary-mid august releasedate? should be plenty of time to go trough QA and testing :stuck_out_tongue:

That explains it! They only send warning messages to the official servers. According to G-portal they’ll be adding this features for costumers next week, but you’ll have to activate it in the web interface once it’s rolled out.

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Thanks for the update. You guys are doing a great job of rolling out the patches. It is just the unexpected boot from the game at the least convenient time that is frustrating.


Completely understandable!

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I’m not sure it can be considered “great job” at rolling out patches when key concepts of the game like thralls have so many old reported issues that aren’t fixed. it’s like thralls are second to DLC. When you go to break a thrall and know there’s a 5/10 chance that thrall is never making it to your wheel of pain due to X thrall bug it makes me want to stop playing. Tired of losing named thralls due to bugs. It’s a core concept of the game. I currently have 2 entertainers that live in my floor.

Thralls are absolutely not second to DLC and there will be additional patches and updates to address those issues. Some things are easier to create/implement/fix than others. That doesn’t mean something it’s been down-prioritized, just that it takes longer.

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The crashing is by far the worst thing right now, It wouldn’t be so bad if my body didn’t run full tilt for a min right after the crash, running off mountains and causing me to repeatedly replace my gear