Xbox Hotfix (28.06.2018)

That explains it! They only send warning messages to the official servers. According to G-portal they’ll be adding this features for costumers next week, but you’ll have to activate it in the web interface once it’s rolled out.

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Thanks for the update. You guys are doing a great job of rolling out the patches. It is just the unexpected boot from the game at the least convenient time that is frustrating.


Completely understandable!

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I’m not sure it can be considered “great job” at rolling out patches when key concepts of the game like thralls have so many old reported issues that aren’t fixed. it’s like thralls are second to DLC. When you go to break a thrall and know there’s a 5/10 chance that thrall is never making it to your wheel of pain due to X thrall bug it makes me want to stop playing. Tired of losing named thralls due to bugs. It’s a core concept of the game. I currently have 2 entertainers that live in my floor.

Thralls are absolutely not second to DLC and there will be additional patches and updates to address those issues. Some things are easier to create/implement/fix than others. That doesn’t mean something it’s been down-prioritized, just that it takes longer.

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The crashing is by far the worst thing right now, It wouldn’t be so bad if my body didn’t run full tilt for a min right after the crash, running off mountains and causing me to repeatedly replace my gear


I’m not supporting this game any longer than. I hope others see that this game is being run by product and not tech. You don’t ask for more money for new things when your original core concepts are poorly implemented. This game “had” potential as it originally looked as if it was user centric. Clearly Conan has started joining the games as a service model and collecting $$.

Our tech team is working on addressing the crashes.

Is dismantling those floor pieces to access those thralls impossible (for your structures stability)?

I had to do that once in EA, that thrall thought he could get away, I showed him.

I know it not a true fix, but at least you should be able to get to them.

It may work sure. Until the next time the thrall decides to mesh into whatever. So a part of the game is now constantly destroying my structures? Weak. If thralls were an extra of the game I could MAYBE see them falling out. But thralls are a very large part of crafting, fighting, defending and even lore. Why would they be put on the back burner when I payed $60 for working thralls. This game is no longer in pre-release enough of the excuses.


Oh I agree wholeheartedly, even if they fix them falling through the floors, more than likely you’ll still have to dismantle your base to get the ones that had before the patch.

How many many many more patches till we get a parity patch?

Are they working on non harvesting bug or is that a connectivity bug?

Shout-out to the TECH TEAM!! Please send them my regards keep up the hard work it is much appreciated and let’s make this the greatest survial game we can possibly make!! I’ll continue to give any detailed reports on new bugs I come across most of them you guys already know.


Thank you, I really appreciate hearing this even if its “working on…” just knowing that you all are on it makes me feel better for the time being. Love the game, thanks so much for making it and supporting it!


since the update, can’t play as well in multi or solo. someone has the same thing or is it a known bug

I entered here hoping to see fix to fish/honey bug. :frowning:

Hello there, Great game. I was just wondering and I’ve asked this on your twitter feed BUT no reply, myself, my wife and daughter are playing co op but they can see weather on the xbox1 they use, I can’t see ANY weather FX on my xbox1, we’ve tried everything we can think of to fix it, is there anything that can be done or is this something you are working on?

There is a 10 minute warning before server is taken down and reset.

Sad to see they are more concerned with fixing DLC stuff than connectivity issues. In one week I was kicked to the dashboard on Xbox and lost my character and gear 7 times.