[XBOX ONE] Things I’ve noticed (!Remove Vignette Option!)

To start, I love the game, it has a great mixture of game mechanics and styles that are of my favorite. Although there are some simple things that can be added to the game which will make playing the game so much more enjoyable. I will just use bulletin points to make it more convenient. Please anyone who sees this consider making these suggestions known, again all I have played the game on is Xbox One X, so keep that in mind.

• Add the some of the PC’s setting to Xbox’s settings like a FOV slider(I know it can hinder performance but I would sacrifice it personally) the check and uncheck option to allow combat in first person, the orbit camera, ability to remove the HUD, and an option to use the radial menu to select weapons and items or use a tool bar, like how ARK or 7 Days to Die does the tool bar. All of these additions are just simple options that can improve someone’s enjoyment of the game, no reason not to have them.

• PLEASE give the game an option to remove the vignette effect from the game! The game looks beautiful and it runs surprisingly well on the Xbox One X, I just have a major issue with the vignette in the game and it can really distract or give me a head ache sometimes. I can’t imagine I am the only one with this problem. So please give an option to turn it off, I would have a load more of respect for the developers if they were to add a depth of these sorts of options to to the game. I also think a depth of field effect would look really nice in this game, it could be a slider for level of DOF or just a simple checkbox to turn it on and off.

• There is also one extremely terrible sound glitch in the game. It seems to happen around hyenas, wolves and tigers, or maybe simply around any of the gazelle carcasses. It is a terribly unbalanced extremely loud sort of bang that happens around one to three times. It’s as if a growl sound file got corrupted and warped. It happens for no reason and blows my eardrums out, even makes my dogs bark. I would love to see that glitch fixed.

• Lastly, I also thought of a new feature where if you’re trying to align an object or placable and you wanted to see if it looked good from another angle, you could lock it in place without placing it and move to see it if looked good, then either unlock it to adjust it or place it right off.

• I also think designated creatures for taming for travel and only for travel are a necessary addition, but it seems like you guys are working on that already. I also think you should be able to pick up thralls into your inventory for transportation, seems like a basic mechanic for a game that relys on thralls for progression.

Thank you, Funcom, for creating a beautiful and innovative game and putting together the best of the genre. Please continue to create and improve your amazing game and please don’t leave the console versions on the back burner!

They are planning to add horses and horseback riding in a later dlc.

Vigenette option would be cool to remove.

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A FOV slider would be a nice setting.
I would also love a checkbox for the contextual FOV that happens. E.g. walking to running.
Something I would personally turn off.

I like to stick to third person view in games like this, and find the camera way too close to the character.
Especially on my farm build with the thrall backpack.
A zoom setting would therefore be desirable.
It could be a slider, a dropdown with presets, or just add them to the field of view shortcut.

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how about a setting where you can turn up or down the renderdistance :slight_smile:

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This can be iffy on consoles, but games like Monster Hunter World solve this by allowing you to change game mode.
You basically set a priority mode for framerate, resolution or graphics. The latter displays more objects/polygons.

This is somewhat the same things you can do on your PC.
And I don’t think it would be too hard to implement either.

Stuff like render distance, which is similar to the graphics option in Monster Hunter World, can seriously impact performance, and I understand Funcom if they don’t want you to fiddle with it.
They have also stated earlier that they did not have time to optimize for console, which is why it only runs at 1440p even though they initially said it would run in 4K.

That’s why I really want a zoom slider since all that does is adjust the distance from the camera to the character in third person view.
You’re not changing FOV, which does affect the amount of objects you can see at once which in turn can affect performance.