Xbox Patch (10.03.2020) - Followers Management System, AI fixes and more!

I don’t have the option to update my Xbox version of the game yet. Any news on what time it pushes out?

Hi @vScorchedEarthv, welcome to the forums!

Is it still not available? What region are you in?

Still I miss the purge bar in 4k german version and the fake sandstorm is annoying still, but:

BIG Thank you for this really big improvement with the new follower management system.
Great work that looks well implemented and will be really usefull!

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Nice patch and updates but no still the main issue is still in the game, the Crash Issue, getting randomly kicked out the game.
This was happening at the start of your game and after releasing the game to full release its still happening if you can’t fix it just say (players we can’t fix the crash issue sorry) please as its very annoying you go away from your base thinking constantly when the game is going to crash and I’ll lose everything. Rinse and repeat… I have lost so much armour, weapons I do love Conan please fix the crash issue.
Again this is happening on all servers its not my Internet, I am on 500meg a rog rapture gaming router retails at £379. it is a 1,gig stream wired. No other game crashes but conan. My mates have an xbox x it happens to him also. Imagine your in the volcano about to kill the boss game crashes and your can’t get to your body because of the heat. This has happened to me 6 times… So please fix this issue


They wont tell players that the game runs like its loading from a wooden block because that would kill sales…i wouldnt have bought co ex if i had known i would spend so much time on crashboard reloads…

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Hi there!

Been playing since the free release on Xbox one. I’ve quit and come back several times. Would you like to know why? Your game has a game ending crash that happens anywhere from every hour to about every 3 hours if all the gods like you. I’ve bought ALL of your expansions and introduced quite a few people to this game. My question is why do you repeatedly ignore this issue? Every thread I’ve found about it has no response from anyone at your company. That is poor customer service. I’m a game designer myself(at least I used to be) you will never guess what I worked on… The original Conan game for Xbox. I know, crazy right? My project manager would have fired us all and then been fired if we had released a game that crashed as often as this one does. I’m not trying to be rude because I absolutely love this game but how can you treat your player base this way? All you do is put out expansions for money but never use that money to fix the core problem of this game, which apparently is a terrible memory problem or something along those lines. Is this just something that you are not going to ever fix because it’s been what, 3…4years and it still does the same exact thing? Are you not capable of fixing it? Are the gods smiting you because you angered them?? Do you just not care? It seems to be the latter and that saddens me to no end because this game could be so much more gratifying if you would simply assign a team to fix this. Alas, I don’t think the people who control your company care about anything but the tons of money that saved your failing company from bankruptcy, our money. Your players that supported your great ideas only to be duped into spending money on a game you never had any intention of fully fixing. I hope that you read this and maybe think, “wow, Brizza is right. We owe it to our player base.” But after however long it has been I’m just not optimistic anymore that you ever had good intentions.


Every single person who plays Conan Exiles.


Regarding the crashes and dashboarding issues, these are being actively investigated by our team and have been mitigated by on-going patches and fixes for some users, we’ll address more causes for these as they come up.

Should you be able to provide further information regarding the specific locations or actions that lead to your game crashing, please open a new thread following the guidelines shared in the post below:


There is no rhyme or reason why it happens. Sometimes I’m just standing there, turn to the left and I dashboard. Sometimes I pull my bracelet and it happens. Sometimes I’m just running through the desert or any part of land and it happens. Sometimes I’m being raided and I’m fighting someone and it happens and they steal all of my things off of a sleeping body then kill me and I end up at my spawn. Sometimes I log in and 30 seconds later it happens. Do you not have game testers? Those are key to locating and fixing bugs. As we play through the game it gets more laggy, frame rates start do deteriorate, game starts to mini freeze(2-5 seconds) and eventually the black screen of death. It’s a memory issue and you guys know that because I’ve been told that before. Somewhere deep, deep, deep, deepdeep down your programmer probably crossed a “t” when he should have dotted an “I”. I would also imagine that since you guys have rolled out 10 expansions you have compounded the problem. Because now it has that much more data to try and support and it couldn’t support the original game. I will admit, when we first started playing the free to play version, we were crashing every 10 minutes and sometimes just couldn’t play at all so at least you have made some progress.


Every single person who plays Conan Exiles

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So are we done talking now or?

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As suggested in the previous reply, we’d appreciate it if you could open a new thread for each specific issue you’re having, as detailed in the shared guidelines, and please try to keep it specific to the issue.

This topic should be used for feedback on the current patch and its features.

Ok, sorry.

I think it’s great that you have replied with this fantastic message, like you day is release I bought the game on PC first release then xbox day of release. It drives me insane how they over look this issue I really don’t think they will fix this as now the company is being bought out. And also they are working on Dune… I have been asking them to fix this for a while now on the PC and XBOX. What iam looking to do if it interests you get as many players to commit to comment on this issue the more names we pull in the more notice they hopefully take in… You game… Also looking to bring this to light on you tube…

This is a specfic issue… The crashing constantly crashing… 1,hr of game play to 3hrs…how specfic do I need to be

This has been happening for years I can bring up conversations going back day off release of this game that this issue has not been addressed… Its a memory issue. I am a computer technician and I know no matter what server you go on this issue will happen. Its not what we do in the game its not about Internet it’s about your servers memory issue. Don’t treat us like fools. Please… We love your game, so much I bought this twice both PC and Xbox the reason why we are so passionate is because we love to play this.

Push this with me… We need pull…

Please avoid repeatedly posting on this topic regarding any particular issue, as it has been mentioned it should be used for feedback on the current patch and its features.

Addressing crashes has been an ongoing priority for our team, if you’re being affected by any specific crash please open a thread providing as much information as possible while also following these guidelines:

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New patch is out!