Xbox Patch (24.09.2020) - Memory optimizations and crash fixes!

I have actually lost track of how long it has been since xbox CE has been like it currently is. Must be over 3 months now. Prolly a month since we were told," we are working on it, please be patient."

Anyone else running a little short of patience?


how long do we have to live with this momentary cruel condition. camps do not spawn, the sinner’s refuge all npc’s invisible crash every hour.
But one thing I have to say positively, npc’s fight and 99% of the time don’t get stuck anymore. It’s actually sad to say something positive, but of course we all understand that you want to advance the new dlc. Marketing works great

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We don’t even get " we are aware, be patient" message…me thinks console fixes have been filed away…far, far away…le sigh…

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Clearly they have gotten their money from us, the xbox community, now they dont care if they get any more. They couldnt pay me to download isle of shithaps when they finally do release for xbox, some time next year, ha. I urge all xbox community to go to store and give review of game. People are still getting ripped off and downloading this game. I have watched all the people I played this game with leave. But yet no fix. Update almost every day for isle of shithaps tho. Lol. See where we stand.

It has been 25 days since you last asked us to be patient. Can we please have some kind of communication, other than a request for unlimited patience?

A few details would go along way. How far along is the hotfix? Or how much time is still required to complete the hotfix? Which bugs have been fixed so far? How many coders are working on it?

You are prolly feeling fustrated. Constantly nagged by the posts of xboxers. And are prolly reaching a point that you do not wish to deal with us. I can sympathize, but the fustrations you prolly feel towards us, do not compare with the level of frustration xboxers have been experiencing. Please keep this in mind.


Sincerely funcom, do not take people for idiots, you managed to disgust us of the game, well done, I’m done with Conan, uninstall everything and never want to hear about it again , and I don’t would not be the only one !!!

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Since May

We’ll be sharing further information regarding the XBOX issues and console plans in the upcoming developer stream, due tomorrow.


Thanks for your time Hugo. And the information.

Agreed. Thanks for the update. This is really what we want. I personally understand fixing program bugs takes longer than a day, but a little communication really eases everyones mind.

That being said, I took a gander at the upcoming changes. Cannot wait for the crafting overhaul.

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I genuinely hope it gets fixed soon. Crashing 4 times in a row all with under a minute of being logged in is just fablous🙄

Hope so. Ta.


Thank you for thenupdatws glad to hear we are being heard and the issue is being addressed.

the crashes are getting worse. is there anything being done. it crashes i keep running and fall off cliffs die lost all my stuff have to rebuild. it is getting tiresome. please please fix. server 2500 is bad

From what I can tell, all of these issues are only plaguing online play. Im playing single and the real issue I have is the stuttering intro movie I wish didnt come up every time I begin the game. Mind you, I do occasionally get the odd crash to desktop every now and then, but its WAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY better than Fallout 4.

Hearing the responses, I have actually run into these issues as well and let me tell you that it is annoying to the users but maddening to the creators. If it happens for this game, it may happen to others.

That is one of my major problems with CE. Every time a player disconnects their character keeps running/riding a horse in a straight path. Right out to sea, or into lava, throught the green wall, into the weapons of npcs, down the throat of the red mother, off cliff edges…anything can kill characters, when there is no one behing the wheel.

Look at Ark, the moment you disconnect, an uncommon occurrence in Ark, your character loses all of their bones and drops limp. No unwanted auto-pilot.

There a chance that this update will fix the purge not spawning at all (noob river with a huge starter base) or the mere fact that even though i have no points in any attribute, i still outright kill thralls i want to capture with blunted weapons (after the first str perk its fine, but cmon man…)