XBox Patch/Update before Release?

I had read that Funcom was going to have Update 32 available prior to release date. Has that plan been scuttled?

Secondly, as an early preview player, are we able to get the collector’s edition content at an adjusted cost?

I really hope this is the case update 32 was promised a long time ago we been waiting since late last year.
But if it’s not coming I would just love them so much more if they would just say it’s not going to come until release.

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Yes, just give us proper expectations please.

Love the game, but I want to know when I can expect the patch!!!

I was wondering the same thing. We’ve been hearing that xbox hasn’t been forgotten. It seems we have. This is a terrible way to start. If pc is a priority just say so. State of Decay 2 is coming out in May as well. Looking like zombies may be in my future rather than Hyboria.

Well, right now, getting the major bugs worked out is the “priority.” Its not so much a PC vs XBox issue as it is a ‘working game’ issue. The Devs are working hard on tracking down and eliminating bugs that will ruin everyone’s fun. So before they can transfer that working game to XBox, they’re first working with the PC model (its much more amiable to rapid changes like debugging). We’ve seen the Devs pump out daily patches and fixes, so they are definitely crunching along. I, for one, am very appreciative of their efforts.

So, we know they want a perfect launch with all the ‘bells and whistles’ for all platforms. But we’re just going to have to wait and see how well the bug smashing goes. The more bug reporting feedback they get, the faster they can track down and eliminate those bugs. The quicker the bug elimination goes, the faster they can transport the working code to other platforms. The quicker they get the working code to other platforms, the more time they’ll have to get Update 32 ready. Its like a domino effect.