Xbox Series s no disk

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I have the disk for the game but had to get a series s console. Is there a way to get the game downloaded?

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Repurchase the base game from the xbox store, any dlc’s you had bought prior will be flagged as owned. Trade the physical copy in at any games retailer or give the disc to a friend or relative if they’re keen to try the game out.


There is currently no way to transfer ownership from a physical disk to a digital license. The only way is to acquire a game license from the MS Store. As @Lucidique mentioned, any previously activated or acquired DLC will still be available to download on the account you got it from.

Yeah i stopped buying hard copies along time ago because when your copy burns out you no longer have a game digital much better you all ways have your game even when you buy a console that is made for digital download only :grin: