Yamatai?!? Where did that come from?

Well, it was more a facetious statement than anything, really and you’re quite correct. Conan would have no problem using whatever’s at hand. In one of Howard’s stories, Queen of the Black Coast if memory serves, it was said that Conan considered bows feminine, but here again, he’d use them if he needed to. :wink:

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Well and good if you disagree with me, but why bother to comment at all if you’re not going to read and consider everything said? I find that a little ridiculous.

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I cant believe you still didnt got it, search on google conan yamatai and you will find the savage sword of conan comics where yamatai originated in the Conan lore.
here http://conan.wikia.com/wiki/Savage_Sword_of_Conan_194
Take a look at The witchqueen of Yamatai story the title is on the cover, comics from 1992.

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Problem is some pepole dont consider it Canon,
U know, Marvel, comics, 50 years after originál series…

Also for me, i expect it be more lemurian based cus name witch queen in comics, but it is from not/half canon so… Idk

That is ok to not consider it cannon, but this is how Yamatai relates to Conan, guy was talking about tomb raider like Funcom went and pulled it out of tomb raider.

oh, my bad

i still dont see problem in it , cus yamatai is folklore, something wich exist and dont exist at the same time, noone is sure where it was, but its considered as existing thing, like Troya wich was discovered 100 years ago,

whole theme yamatai is open source, its like call medieval looking things stealing… all medieval, arabic, viking stuff looks same

there is need to be tomb riders own idea, wich isnt. cus its based on real life. so its not stealing

btw. about canon, just call it retcon. its still isnt broke lore so much like they rekt fallout lore…

Actually, I have a problem with the fact that there are Lemurians in this game at all as there should not be any in existance any more. After the cataclysm which ended the Turian age and sunk Lemuria those who survived were enslaved by another race. They eventually rose up and destroyed that nation (those who survived eventually concured another people and became the Stygians). So, the slaves who were once the Lemurians became known as the Hyrkanians thus, there should not be any Lemurians in this game at all.

However, it’s a game so they can do whatever they want honesly.


Maybe these were the exiled lemurians before any of that happened. As far as i know, CE hasn’t been been stated when this land was created in the Conan time line. And since you never “die” in the exiles lands, do not reproduce and never age, it is a time paradox of purgatory until you escape.

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Speaking on that, a great story element would be for some of the named thralls to “escape” and bring in new named with different spawn locations, as over time the named thralls should be skilled enough to complete there quest:)

Was not Conan ther and killed an elefant man in a Tower? Think that the only original lore that exist about that area. But Conan World is the same as we living is but just after Atlantis gos down. So its easy to imagen the lore. And its smart to ad that part to sell the game to the asian maket!

The only reference of time is where it fits in the giant kings time line. There are more versed lore people who may be able to figure out when the Exiled lands were created.

Quick Google of Conan Exiels backstory
Humans came to Giant Kings as refugees (from what is not stated)
1000 years of peace
War, bracelets were created
thousands (no official number) of years later Conan comes to Exiled lands looking for the Serpent Ring of Set.
Someone would have to fill in the rest. IF Lemurians were around way before Conan, then it is possible they are exiled there.

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I can’t believe you didn’t read all my posts. Because in one of them, I point out that it doesn’t matter to me if it was written in a comic book. Whoever the writer was for that comic was a lazy writer and didn’t do any research and here’s why:
Robert E. Howard’s Conan takes place in prehistory…it’s fiction, but the timeline remains.
Yamatai shows up in Japanese history and/or folklore and is placed around the second century where it’s tied to the witch queen.
Thousands of years passed between the Hyborian Age and the second century and that’s why it makes no sense being in the story and I consider it lazy writing.
Part of the story telling process is for the author to suspend disbelief. If the author doesn’t even keep things consistent in the time frame his story is set in, suspending disbelief goes right out the window for people such as myself who are paying attention. Writing for games is absolutely no different…it’s story telling.
I’m not trying to change yours or anyone else’s mind. But the fact remains that to me it makes no sense to have Yamatai in the game. Even the building pieces look too modern for the setting of Conan Exiles and they are.
In the spirit of continuity, I’ve also addressed the Pict’s building materials with Funcom either here or on their Facebook page. They just flat out got that wrong. The Picts are supposed to be savages that lived in huts, for crying out loud.
So whether you agree with me or not, it’s only my observations and it doesn’t wreck the game. These things simply don’t tie in to the lore of Conan.
The reason I speculated that they pulled Yamatai from Tomb Raider is because that’s what a lazy writer would do. Plus, Tomb Raider is a big popular franchise. Conan Exiles is, quite frankly, circling the drain and I simply wouldn’t put it past Funcom to have snatched an idea from a much more popular game to try and attract more players. Here again, it’s just speculation. I’m not claiming that’s what they did.
I understand why a lot of people don’t understand my point. You’d have to know a few things about the writing and story telling process to get what I’m saying and if you don’t, that’s okay. All I’m doing here, really, is showing Funcom that some of us are paying attention to fine details. Maybe knowing that will help them up their game…so to speak.

They already stated that the buildings are not Pict structures. They are the structures one would use to defend against Picts.

As for time line, again to me, Exiles is a time purgatory. There is no telling how much time has passed since the Conan entered it willingly. So introducing RL historical factions is not completely out of the question. This allows for open ended design tbh. And is that what a sandbox should do. To lock the exiles in one time period, would start limiting the designs to only things in the lores continuity.

You are entitled to to your opinion, and it is logical for you. But to others, anything that can add more to the game without completely going off the walls sci-fy (robots and turrets :slight_smile: ) and sticking to more of the viking and barbaric nature, i am all for.


The Hyborian Age does not take place in prehistory, but in an alternate history where cultures are compressed down to a degree that loses its true historicism. Picts, for instance, are actually native Americans, while for some reason being named after the Celtic peoples of north-western Europe (if we are being historians here, R.E.H. should never have written Picts into his Eurasian adventures in the first place). Darfari, for some reason, are cannibals who file their teeth, which is likely a relic of the racism of the time, and a shame that African people weren’t more accurately represented, especially as they had some of the largest kingdoms in the prehistorical time. R.E.H. was a pulp fiction writer, but a historian he certainly was not.

If there were a readers’ interest in ancient Japanese culture (which is often simplified today as ‘samurais and ninjas and fortresses’) then I have no doubt he would have written a story concerning samurais and ninjas and fortresses. That would, of course, include the unique Japanese fortress style that most consider synonymous with anything regarding ancient or feudal Japan. Despite the fact that the timeline wouldn’t reflect the real-world history. History is not a barrier to R.E.H.

Part of being a pulp writer meant that an author would be using the themes given to them by their publishers. When his publishers told him to write a story about the Wild West, he did. Or boxing tales. Or tales about fictional puritans, or Atlantean kings. If they had suggested a Japanese story, he would have likely told one of Yamatai, of samurai, fortresses, and feudal wars, because that is the most vivid understanding of Japanese history in American popular culture.

Another significant piece that you’re missing here is that the players requested exactly this type of architecture. Actually, as it turns out, I suggested it back in March '17, and people were receptive: Suggestion for new or "missing" building tiles

You can try and tell them that they got it “wrong”, but honestly, so long as people enjoy it, they’re doing it right. Both with the (beautiful, IMO) Pict set, and with this new Yamatai set. R.E.H. was no historian, and Conan Exiles shouldn’t be held up to those standards when the original works did not reflect history with anything more than pulp accuracy.


idk about Picts, they are described like natives, but lore looks like they were from herbids, and then start live in scotland. scottish pepole are wieved as savages in eyes of england. also romans build that wall in brithis isles to hold those savages out

about racism against drafari. theere are many others ni gas in black kingdoms, while some are described as advanced civilisations

i was thinking about some other posts,

there are lemurians wich dont exist in time of conan
kingdom of yamatai noone heard about
somehow conan apears here
but noone can truly leave, expect conan

i consider also what say teacher of ymir

what if evryone here are dead and we are just in arena, for plesure of gods, if noone ages here /idk about that, didnt find proof/, and we respawn maybe we are in vallhala xD


what if we are in separate realm, realm of set, and giant kings were suposed to protect his relic, entire realm were suposed to be giant vault, or they hardly worship set and want plesure him with arena battles where they feed dragons with gladiators so they get there races acros a conan word, or they were suposed sacrifice each other and taught sacrificing humans instead be better

one thing is sure, it exist and didnt exist at same time, maybe conan get here trought some kind of dark ritual to get that item /i forgot that name/ but toth amon was faster, and while in real they get here ie month each after other, here it was dozens of years they missed each other

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I agree with what you’re saying. But with my picky and stubborn nature when it comes to Conan, I’d say if you’re not going to lock in to Robert E. Howard’s time frame and use the plethora of source material that just Robert alone has put out, then don’t use the name Conan. For guys like me, putting too much into it that doesn’t make sense in Howard’s terms makes it something entirely different and Conan is just making a cameo appearance…lol. But hey, in the end, it’s about the bottom line for Funcom. And they’re gonna put in what they think the general fan base will like and what might attract more people to their game. :slight_smile:

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I understand the points you make here. However, I never said Howard was a historian nor drawing from actual history. In fact, I mentioned that his stories were fictitious.
That said, what I am referring to is that what Howard wrote is established Conan lore and if you go too far outside of that established “box” such as the disparity between Howard’s time line for Conan and the known time line for Yamatai, then maybe the name Conan shouldn’t be used. It’s not like Howard hasn’t provided a ton of source material to make games with. And the gaps in Conan’s lifeline according to the Howard books can be filled with plenty of things people make up. All I’m saying is stay within the established lore.
Here again…that’s just me. I’m picky and stubborn when it comes to Howard’s character. I’ve been a fan of his since childhood…some 38 years or so. And seeing what I considered the sorry excuses for movies that were made with Arnold drove me nuts…lol. They took several of Howard’s stories and threw them in a blender with half a gallon of diarrhea and called them Conan movies. The characters weren’t even the same as in the books and Thulsa Doom was taken from Kull. It was tragic. Yet, I’m sure everyone who never read a Howard story loved those movies and even some people who are Howard fans. Like I said, I’m just picky. :wink:


Totally understandable, I’m a good deal younger and my first real introduction to Conan was of course seeing third-hand Arnie impressions. I only really dug deeper into the original stories after playing Age of Conan in the 2000’s. Diluted interpretations of the lore are more acceptable to people like me, compared to classic fans.

To me, Howard’s original works are just part of the wider Conan universe that was inspired by him. Some of this universe spreads over film, comics, and even pop culture jokes. That wider universe treats the original lore as flexible in regards to doing something cool, or more crowd-pleasing when possible. Like most people nowadays, I was introduced to the Hollywood-ized Conan before the original Howard Conan. Grunting, goofy, smiling Conan depicted by Arnie. “Conan Lite”.

However I’ve also really enjoyed the original Howard Conan works on their own, I’ve read everything I could find, and some stories almost four times over. They’re certainly amazing for anybody who wants a more classic take at the Conan universe, with more detail than any film or comic. I remember uncovering the treasure trove of free Howard stories at http://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/author/36031 and giving them a study during long bus-rides. They hold up extremely well, for stories written nearly 84 years ago!

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