Year old glitches

Just wondering what’s being done about the 100’s of vaulted glitches your team is already aware of.

It’s been a year now and yet Thralls still get stuck and melted into the ground when fighting dragons, you and your thrall both still get stuck inside the head of any World Boss Rhino.
This latest patch you came out with for Thralls AI just ruined everything you had already established. I’ve never seen so many problems with Thralls. If anything you should revert back to the old way until you actually come up with a resolution to all these glitches.

It’s a weird thought but when I think of griefing, and players toxic builds; that’s how funcom treats us.
You guys are literally creating your own problems and then ruining our experience of the game with them.

I read posts since the latest update, apparently the Sunken City is unable to be traveled with a Thrall.
What else is there I need to know? It’s pretty bad when you have to avoid content of the game because of well known glitches and to our surprise still nothing has been done about.

I do hope you realize that prioritizing some crap DLC won’t get more people to buy the game or your expansions… working on the problems at hand, and keeping in touch with the community will. Can you guys honestly say you’ve worked on any of the issues from a year ago? I didn’t think so, and if you say otherwise I’d love to hear what you’ve done since then.

Please respond to this whenever you’re able to; I would love to know how you guys manage to throw out 3 DLC’s since last year and yet the issues from that same year still haven’t been resolved?

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