Ymir God Completely useless?

So with the god Ymir it seems very useless to me the arrows suck would be better if they gave frostbite from contact like any other black ice weapon, The weapons also aren’t to good one does make people cold on hit but thats the first tier makes you wonder why would anyone use the advanced axe… would be better if they changed it into a 2 handed axe that does good amount of damage and gives frostbite, and with the armor … why have armor of an ice giant be used in the heat… Makes absolutely no sense what so ever. So whats are the thought about this?

Armour ,has almost 0 weight if i remember correctly …and that is the good thing about it… Andbthe foeshatter is not a bad axe either… It is also a nice way of getting some ice without going up north for it(extremely usefull in lower levels)… and his shards have no expiring time on them… With anasteera in it the berserker draught is not a bad choice of buff either…

first of all, the altars played a fundamental role when it was possible to evoke both the avatar and the protection bubble. when these were deactivated due to technical problems, all the altars lost importance. the altar currently most used is that of a set which provides useful poison in fights since they use almost all weapons with poison. and set masks useful to equip themselves and slaves.

you have to understand what kind of features you have set. all the arrows suck if you don’t use the right features. even trembling arrows with excellent damage and penetration lose their effectiveness. so I think there is bad information about it

The big issue with Ymir imo, is that the amount of shards you need for any of his stuff is ridiculously high for the rewards.

Set is balanced: Except that you end up with 10 million antidotes that you throw away.

Mitra: Great healing and utility items with the statue of refreshment. And an option to make zeal without making a ton of trash.

Derketo: perfectly fine all around. Some useless stuff. Some good stuff. Great feast. Balanced slivers with reward cost.

Jhebal: the best even after the potion nerf. Overall useful god.

Yog: Good healing item. The rest is meh. But good because you get yog so early on because of geographic location of his emissary.

Ymir needs some love.

However his arrows are decent and ice can help.

I wish his arrows had a water splash like the water orbs that could put fires out. That would be useful.

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