Ymir needs a reblance and retool

Please bring back the wood chopping way to get ice chips. One chip per body. 10 chips for arrow. When i can just bring sticks to a carpenter bench for set arrows.

You didn’t rebalance the gains after you turned Ymir into another murder god. Please bring back hard work as a way to gain favor and just balance it out better instead of it feeling like a gimped clone of the others. Ymir doesn’t seem to have much in the ways of support items except the freeze axe but you need to have it take up your main hand to use it.

Don’t nerf Set to make Ymir seem viable that’s a poor way to do it since the poison can be easily treated if you have anti venoms and such which everyone would have.


Totally agreed. They got rid of the wood chopping, but didn’t balance the rest out. Ymir is far as I can see the most difficult. I love the ice arrows though. But the issue with the Ice arrows is that it is 10 times easier to make Razor Arrows, Ivory or even poison (I realize poison will be more difficult after the bow update as you will need orbs)

Sets arrows will take a huge nerf, but still are easy to make.

Ymir requires ice shards, feathers and branches. Much easier to pound some steal, get the feathers and branches to make stacks of better arrows.

On that note…Derketo. That Stam potion is cool! But the rest of the transmute is meh and not needed. I can get more of everything she can transmute easier by stepping out my front door.

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Concerning Derketo: The bread is nice, and so far I have found no other way to produce bread.

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Same. Such a staple in history and no bread to be seen. We just use levening agent to make booze. But 0 bread.

Put seeds, plant fibre and leavening agent in a furnace. Then turn the furnace on.

shocking, you bake bread in an oven.


Thank you :smiley:

I am not shocked about the oven, I am shocked about the plant fibre :wink:

Ymir still needs to be fixed. Even with the Set Arrow nerf you can still get more snake arrows then ice arrows.

One Heart One Zeal. One Zeal and ten sticks you get 10 arrows.

10 ice chips. 10 kills. 10 sticks and 2 feathers. 10 arrows.

Do Not nerf Set. Buff Ymir. Turn him back into the god of labor. Not another murder god.

And spec for pve server you need to ad som good stuffs, atleast to the t3 level. In pvp you can need the bouble so you have a reason to build it up. in pve its just a storage plase and a decorativ thing. not realy usefull.

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