You are my sunshine

I don’t know if it’s possible to dm to @Community, so I created a post just for that.
You are my sunshine, there for I will apply my apology here for the inconvenience I brought you to. My dearest admins and fellow exiles, my over enthousiasm a lot of times derail threads, letting down your beloved trust on my face. I hope you’ll excuse me once more for this behavior. Thank you for your special treatment to my continuous mistakes here. These 3 days were a real agony for me since this forum is one of my daily habits the last years, so no matter how comforting was for me to be able to read your posts (special treatment), I couldn’t answer and It was killing me (softly). Once again I will personally thank Funcom for the complete package of entertainment they provide to their costumers, since this forum, for me has the same power with the game. People that played this game but never visited this forum, just don’t know what they are missing. Yes, we disagree, we become toxic, we become all the negative things human kind can be, but we cannot be blamed for being humans beings. Still we love it, we are addicted to this wonderful habit this forum created for us the last years and I cannot thank you enough for it, equally, Funcom, admins, players.
I will grab the chance here to thank the contribution of Uboris the last days in the forum and congratulate him for making us feel special, yet I will congratulate your manager too, because without his - her permission, this wonderful thing wouldn’t happen here.

There for
You are my sunshine
You make me happy when skies are grey
Please don’t take my sunshine away.


We love you too @stelagel


Same here. Ps. Bella too.


So you were the other one that Zeb championed for. That’s funny. See I had a much different take on the whole thing because it was already derailed back to a dead horse topic so I went to the psychological root cause to add some self-reflective value. Apparently that was verbotten as well. So I learned not to even go into threads where its clearly obvious it’s beating a dead horse and just have to be patient for everyone else to see that or have the therapy session over it or whatever is needed for closure. What I can tell you is that this drill down stuff really takes the game down a notch so I’m just opting to enjoy the game. It’s far more refreshing to sit and enjoy playing this game and provide the feedback on what is working and what isn’t. Those that wish to continue into their downward spirals can do so with others that share their views.


I apricate you my friend @stelagel. You are a asset to this community. I am proud to count you among my friends.

This was a wrongful act on the part of whomever issued the ban on you and JJDancer.


That is exactly what I came here to say. I’m sorry I am not someone that is able to just nod my head in agreement. I understand your sentiment and appreciation for the Community Members. I also appreciate them. However, I appreciate the players as well. I don’t agree with the choice made to “silence” you @stelagel. You’ve earned my respect as a friend and a fellow player. You are always one of the most respectful and, helpful people here on the forum. It’s a darker place without you. Looking at my own contributions by comparison it’s night and day. I’m probably one of the worst here.

I do not believe this was special treatment Stel.


Hi there!

First, thanks for the well-wishes and for your patience and understanding. We appreciate yall as people, players, and for engaging here on our forums.

I do want to clarify a few things that have been brought up in replies:

  • We generally do not comment on any actions taken against users on the forum except for with the actual affected user themselves.
  • We kindly ask that all users here refrain from personal attacks against one another, even if the comments are, in a way, ‘defending’ us. We appreciate the sentiment, but we need to ask you to take the high road.
  • Please don’t make alt accounts to circumvent a suspension.

If you have any specific questions or concerns about forum moderation practices, please message one of us friendly @community folks directly so we can try and clear things up. In the vast majority of cases, we only issue temporary time-outs (3 days to a week or so) here, although that can vary depending on just how nasty things get or if it just keeps happening.

Edit: As an addendum, we certainly understand that as humans, we’re beholden to our emotions and sometimes things get heated up. It happens. But we still need to maintain a certain level of civility and level-headedness here, as much as it sucks to have action taken against you (or having to read through and issue penalties on our end :stuck_out_tongue: ).

Anyway, thanks for reading and justpost.001


Wait, what? You’re one of the gentlest people I’ve seen on these forums. :frowning:

I don’t know why they suspended you, but this is my message to whomever did it:


When calls for remediation occur, there will be some measure of colateral damage. Be it for forums or for game moderatng, you will get innocent folks caught up in the mix because there is no perfectly just system and never will be regardless on how stellar the group is at their job. If this wasn’t clear to everyone, I’m sorry but this is normal in every process system. False positives are things that happen, a universal standard. You dial it in to what is acceptable loss of the good to ensure removal of the bad happens. If you don’t want any good lost, then you got accept some bad being present and if you don’t want any bad, you got to accept some good lost. now the more resources you put into this evaluation, the more narrow you can make this range but that will draw resources away from new products and continued support efforts. This is Quality System Management 101. Truth be told…this is the ultimate aspect that is driving all of the controversy currently as people are coming to terms with this in a very real and emotional way but like gravity, it’s going to happen. I still stand by the need to moderate because wild west doesn’t work and always ends in toxic wastelands that no one enjoys.



If you thought I was pissed about JJ, boy howdy.


You are by and far one of the nicest and friendlies people on this forum. Why anyone, or any group of people, would chose to target you to attack with a ban is just sad. I am so sorry that you had to deal with that @stelagel. I would give you a hug right now my friend if you were close by.


I have noooo idea what in Yog’s name went on, but I am happy everything is back to normal for you. I can imagine it must be frustrating to be blocked away from a place that you have been regularly active in for a number of years. But now you are back, and I always enjoy reading your posts. :+1::purple_heart:


It’s NEVER happened that I’ve seen! Ever!

You’re gracious to the point of placing blame on yourself for the actions of others.

Nah, that you were included in the latest shut-down is just plain weird!

Thanks for the heartful message too. Kinda nice!


See you out there @stelagel


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