You don't like veterans?

Ok so I made a typo. Sue me. It is corrected. Anyone with enough reading comprehension should have been able to figure out what was meant by the context alone.


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What do you win?You lose your base and all the gear you worked for.The only thing that is the least time consuming is the levels and recipe.

  • you have to pay for a map that will look different but is actually an old car with a new paint job.

You have to pay to see this and pay extra for new dlc.They are basically selling you the same game twice. :slight_smile:


We’re not sure where this statement is coming from:

As we mentioned above, moving to Siptah is not mandatory.
Please refer to this previous answer:


So, when i log out with 100 explosives and log into to the new game i will have those in my inventory?

You don’t lose them. The 100 bombs stay with you, on the old map.


If you log into the same official server or savegame/database, yes.
In your particular case, since you mentioned you play on a private server, as long as the admin doesn’t manually opt in to run the Siptah map as your server’s map, you will be able to continue your playthrough as normal.


If I stay on old map, I ‘win’ building sets, armors etc. from the expansion
If I go to new map, I will have new areas to explore.

I loose nothing on old map; it’s called back-up.
If I choose to leave it behind and travel to new lands and recreate my favorite characters, then that is my choice.
If my friends and I choose to go back to old map; same situation. With the back-up, I am ensured, that I lost nothing there.

New map, new items. That is what they are selling me and I am happy to buy :slight_smile:


We ask for new stuff. And will get a new map. To all PC player out there You have nothing to complain about. Y’all should wait and enjoy.

Console on the other end…

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So it is possible to run 2 servers on a dedicated machine and have the resources gathered from the old map to appear in your inventory when logging in to the new map?

That’s not what he said, I believe


We do actually because we are not getting a new map.We are beeing asked to buy the game 2 times.

Just choose not to shrug


I did not refered to the lack of money some of use might have. This is a personal problem on your part a this point. And btw I’m not here to offend you. I’m here for an eye opener. For the money side of it PC gets it for 19.99 while console will have to pay 39.99 4-5 months later.
So who really is to blame here.

Finally someone one the forums with rational thought. Thank you sir/ma’am/person


Not yet. It’s possible that a mod will add that feature, because what you’re asking for is not technically impossible, it’s just something Funcom didn’t choose to do, for their own varied reasons.

However, not being able to do what you asked does not support the argument you insist on, that somehow you “lose” something by playing the Isle of Siptah. Characters are tied to the world they’re in, the game database. If you create a new character on a different server, you don’t lose your character on the old server. This is the same thing – the only difference is that the map on some servers will not be the old one, but the new one.

No amount of mental gymnastics and tortuous logic will change that.



If I understand your statement correctly, it will be possible to stay on server 3030, but I can then decide whether to play on server 3030, the land of exiles or siptah?

I ask this because I would like to stay on this server and this option would allow me and other players to easily switch back and forth.

I must ask this i play on ps4 and cant play the early access.:blush:

No, one server program cannot run two maps at the same time. Official server machines run only one server program, and they won’t be changing which map they run.

What Ignasis explained was that private server admins can choose to reconfigure what map their server runs. If the admin of your private server doesn’t switch to the new map, then you can keep playing the old map on that server without losing anything.


In a nutshell;
If you leave the Exiled Lands, you can’t take it with you.

You land on Siptah, you’re starting over from scratch, 0, zip, nada, newbie, Fresh Meat. (You’ve been in a shipwreck).
You can go back to the Exiled Lands if you have the insanely
masochistic desire to do so and all your goodies will still be waiting for you. (Unless you wipe).
The catch is, you just can’t travel between maps. (not yet anyway). <<-- For that to happen, serious back end network coding is going to be needed (refer to MMO mega server setups). Honestly, I don’t think that’s going to happen, not with this engine anyway.


Thank you for this detailed explanation, I’ve been up a little longer and haven’t read everything carefully.:blush:

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