Your recommended server settings for solo

New player, never played a survival sandbox game before. What are some settings you use in solo play on console? I found several results searching online, but a lot of those recommendations are not so recent, so patches may have changed that. For example, have harvest rates been improved? I don’t mind grinding, but I’d like for it to be reasonable, e.g a single palm should not be enough to build an entire house, but I also don’t want to have to chop 20 trees just to build a door.

Mostly I’m interested in settings that would make me work for things, but also compensate slightly for not being in a clan.

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Hi banedon17 and welcome to the community! I believe that I could offer some sound advice on this one. Much like yourself I am a purely Offline Singleplayer myself on console myself (ps4). Furthermore, also like yourself this was also my first survival game too. I will offer the same recommendations I do to most other new Singleplayers I have the pleasure of discussing this with.

The most fundamental ones I recommend are as follows:

I) Go into Sever Settings > Survival > and ensure that ‘drop equipment on death’ is unchecked. You will no longer lose all of your equipment when you die.

II) Next go back and to Server Settings > Abandonment > and make sure that ‘disable building abandonment’ and '‘disable thrall decay’ are both checked. This means that you structures will not decay and disappear if you dont log on for over a week loke on official online servers.

III) Return to Server Settings > go to Purge > and uncheck the ‘enable purge’ box. *note- this is up to you. However, I always advise new players to turn it off until they get a good feel for the game. You can turn it back on at anytime when you get better established. As someone new to the genre, the last thing you want is to have your hard work razed to the ground while you are still learning the fundamentals. But for the record: when you are ready to start taking on purges adjust the ‘purge level’ slider to 4. This will maximise your chances of getting a human purge, and those valuable T4 (named) slaves. Turning it to 5 or 6 will make you more likely to receive a beast/animal purge.

IV) Finally, from Server Settings > select Pet and Hunger > adjust the ‘food container range multiplier’ slider right up to 4, and ensure that ‘use minion population limit’ is unchecked. The later will ensure that you are not limited in the number of Thralls(slaves) and Pets you can own.

V) Regarding harvest rates. Just my personal viewpoint here, but I honestly dont know that you need to mess with them. While your gather rates are a little slow initially, you will gain MUCH more harvesting power as you progress to higher tier tools. For example, when going from stone tools to iron ones. And by the time you hit either black blood or obsidian tools, you will be getting around 9 wood, stone, etc per swing. You can also increase the numders on any tier of tool by attaching tool upgrade fittings found in the ‘apprentice weaponsmith’ Feat, and later in the game by applying a weapon oil. But…if you are resolute that you would like to increase your harvest rates, then go Server Settings > Harvesting > and adjust the ‘harvest amount multiplier’ to a level you find suitable. I think that 2.0 is plentiful.

*General Tips: should you require any of these regarding weapons, armors, how to gain slaves and pets or for that matter anything else, just let us know ok. We are here and happy to help!

Early question & tips->
-which god did you choose when you created your character? Do not invest points into unlocking other religions, as there are NPC trainers around the map who will teach you them without having to fork out points.
-practice and master dodge and counter attacking, and you will be in great shape by the time you hit level 60.


I think the only settings I mess around with for single player is the training rate for thralls and pets. The reason is that due to how single player works, thralls and pets take significantly longer to train than online. Especially those T4 thralls.

Here’s the problem. Say you’ve got a thrall that’s going to take 24 hours to train. If you play online, you can log off, go to sleep, start playing the very next day and he’s done. In single player, if he has 23 hours left to go when you log off, he will still have 23 hours to go when you log back in the next day. Depending on how often you play and how long your sessions are, it could take upwards of a whole week or more before that thrall is ready to be put to work.

If I remember right, a setting of about .6 is the sweet spot for me. Gets those T4s off the wheel in a reasonable time frame without turning it into an instant thrall vending machine.


Does that make the days shorter or longer? What’s the benefit of either?

I like this setting actually, coming from Dark Souls. Less punishing, but it introduces a level of danger.

If I understand correctly, without pvp, purge is the only reason to even go above T1 buildings (aesthetics notwithstanding). Is that right? I have a general idea what it is, but I’ve never actually seen one so I don’t know what exactly happens as I want to experience it myself.

This is helpful info. I played one session where I just REALLY wanted to build my hometown house, and ended up spawning in all the pieces because the gather rate from my stone tools were just impossible. Good to know that rate goes up with tool tiers and enhancements. I might just go with @drachenfeles suggestion and set it to 1.5.

Derketo, because cats. :rofl: Spawned each altar in just to see what they look like.

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