You've got the swords, what about the sorcery?

As many have already commented, having sorcery integrated into the corruption system is a grand idea. I also feel as though crouching is rather lackluster at the moment. Unless you’re using it to creep along cliff sides or duck under a low hanging ceiling, there’s simply no real purpose of it. Stealth would bring a whole new level of depth to the overall value to the game.

Cheers, keep up the good work.

Sorcery was a planned feature before launch/during EA but it was cut because they didn’t have the resources to build it before they went on content lock. The sorcery system was intended to tie in with corruption, being the more corrupted you were the more powerful your ability. AFAIK the reason sorcery wasn’t completed was because they couldn’t find or hire an effects artist who did that type of thing but that’s pure speculation based on some things I heard during streams.

As with some other things cut before launch its a possibility they will be added after launch, and any cut feature from EA added after launch will be free and not behind paid content.