Zero Hit Points?

I do not have AoC, so maybe the presence of mods that do a specific thing causes it?

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Ive seen a few vanilla reports on this too, but I have not been able to reproduce it in anyway shape or form. :weary:

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Same here, tested with my modlist, and without mods, still my elevators was fine.

So maybe some mods that may trigger this issue, and AOC just a part of them ?

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as far as I can tell it’s a multiplayer only problem. never happend in single player or devkit.

my mod fashionist adds 2 palceables to the game (armor stand and outfitters bench). both placeables have the 0 hp bug since the last game update. I have tracked the problem down to the needed rpc call of my placeables. if I remove the rpc call the hp is fine. as soon as I add the rpc call my placeable is at 0 hp. It looks like the init of the placeable is not working correct when a rpc call is part of the logic. stuff like hp or repair mats is missing client side. on the server side the values are present (tested with some log output on the client and server). I have contacted scooper (funcom dev) in the modding discord and I hope he can help with this strange issue.


Thanks for the explanation, but what exactly is a “rpc call”?

And can this be the explanation for the elevator-problem, too?

It’s just some devs’ thing we common users do not see at all. Maybe Elevators now suffer from the same bug too (instead of Folding Screens).

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rpc is technical stuff and needed to get client and server in sync. in case of fashionist armor stand the server needs to know which version of armor should be visible at the armor stand. the male or female version. in case of the elevator I think the cabine movement is also synconized through the server (I did not check the blueprint). without sync you will fall through the cabine when it moves.


My server is also modded, we do not have AoC and are getting the same issue. I thought it might be swift elevator so I removed that but no go, still same problem. Emberlight and Exiled Lands Improved are the other ones, but I’ve yet to report to them, I’ll do so now and see what they say.

I don’t think it’s a pure mod problem but something that can affect both, the game and mods.


Yeah I think so too Testerle

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