Zero Resource Regrowth Multiplier

I was wondering, on pc is there a mod or some way to turn the resource regrowth multiplier down to zero? Like nothing regrows ever if you chop it, and you have to travel further for increasingly scarce resources.

I am on PS4 and the minimum setting is 0.1… which means the stuff all comes back nearby that I have harvested just slower than normal.

I would like to try this setting, and I imagine others have and can if they play on pc.
Same with npc (enemies) Why not I think try this, except I can’t. So was wondering if anyone else had and what the obvious shortcomings to this idea might be that I have overlooked.

Plz no spoilers i’m still early in the game

I know what you’re thinking… You’re thinking that this is a terrible idea.

8 hours, 33 views and no replies later I hear the wind and I see the tumbleweed… tumbling.

And yet i’m still to think of a reason why this wouldn’t be a beautiful option to use.

Why does anything have to grow back? Ever, ask yourself that question. Damn you farming sim addicts :slight_smile:

I have done this on my private server. The resources (and npcs) respawn less frequently than the server restarts (1/day). It changes game play considerably as you might imagine. I don’t think there’s a way to prevent respawn entirely though as restart of the server seems to automatically resets all spawns.

You can do this on any server where you have direct access to the settings .ini file by editing the respawn multiplier to something like 0.0001.


You can set it lower than 0.1 without mods, but not without several caveats.

To do so, you need to edit your server’s ini file directly. Here, you can set it to a straight 0.

However, now for the issues…

  1. This may not work in singleplayer, as singleplayer unloads areas outside of render range, then when you come back, completely reloads the area, which will likely respawn everything regardless the setting. A dedicated private server will not do this.
  2. If you open your server settings in game, it will default back up to 0.1, so you would have to go back and manually edit the ini file again.
  3. This is probably the deal breaker for you, server restart would almost certainly override this and cause the whole map to respawn.

I don’t know if a mod exists that could make this work, or if one would even be possible.


Pretty sure if you just play on siptah, you’ll see nothing growing. I mean, it’s technically there, but you’ll have to search blindly. At the very least, you’ll get your bare wasteland appeal. :grin:

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If you are playing solo, you could edit the above mentioned file “land claim” setting and make it something really REALLY big. That would prevent things from respawning on server reboots. I think this would work, but if a multiplayer server, then for anyone to build, they would all need to be in the same clan.

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Yes. But.

It depends. If you’re playing with about a dozen players (and I mean a dozen total, not around 12 online all the time), it could work for a time. There’s enough resources on a map where this would be fine and would change gameplay up a bit. The maps are large enough for a small amount of people to be able to support it for a bit.

But even then, not really forever.

But once you get what most would consider a healthy server population. Well… the map could support it for about a day or so. Think about the average clan build and how much stone and wood it takes to make that. Then divide that by the harvesting value of even star metal tier and you start to see some pretty heinous numbers.

You can divide that by the harvesting multiplier. Assuming you set that up, which I imagine you would. But that of course is going to be divided by every person and clan on the server. Coupled with the fact that players will look at trees, stones, iron nodes, and others and say, “If I don’t pick that up, someone else will.” So the rate of everything being chopped down or mined is going to skyrocket.

Just something to consider before toying around with server settings or even spending time making a mod.


I’d add that it would likely have a deleterious effect on player immersion as well…

From a gameplay perspective it’s an interesting idea, sure, but i’d imagine playing in a barren wasteland isn’t particularly appealing to anyone.
We’re not playing Fallout 4 where there’s something to discover or encounter around every corner, the Exiled Lands/Siptah are relatively empty in comparison with a ton more resources lying about instead.

The maps we have just aren’t really suited to scavenger-like gaming without a significant mod or overhaul of the core gameplay.


Thank you all for your considered replies. As I expected, it wouldn’t be possible for a playstation user to set this up, but you have also enlightened me as to why it would be difficult (maybe impossible) to implement on any device. Some things I hadn’t even considered that would be major roadblocks.

I had just wanted to try this solo, so I don’t think that even if I built a mighty palace it would affect the overall landscape too much - except in certain areas. There would be no shortage finding plenty of plant fibre, stones, wood in many places on the map, but I imagine I would have to go out further and further afield in order to find iron ore once a cluster of the stuff had been cleared. That’s why I like this idea, because I would have to explore for resources, that would be funnnn as I only know about 20% of the map so far.

Anyway, thank you guys for entertaining the idea and informing me of the drawbacks. I think I can finally put this restless idea to bed.

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even if ALL resources were harvested, as long as there are NPCs, you have resources. Every vault or dungeon run I do is pretty full of useful resources. Neary all resources laying on the ground for pickup by hand can also be hit with a tool to multiply the results. You have an infinite supply of metal & Oil through Sorcerer bounties and even the sorc/magi skull bounties, or converting bloodstone to trader coins.

Every rock beast is a nice pile of rock. I really think it would still be viable to block all resource respawn, if it can be done without stopping all NPCs from repopulating. So not my landclaim solution above.

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