1 of my Bearers lost 2,400 HP after the update

Just wanted to point this out. They nerfed Bearer HP and didn’t mention it in the patch notes. He was 8,800 yesterday and today he is 6,403. I understand we can resurrect now, but you shouldn’t hide stuff from us.

Then again not completely shocking they did this.

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The “cost” for DBNO is about 5.7k hit points for my T4 bearer thrall. He was 8.5k HPs. But now he’s only 2.8k HPs.

Not really making an effort to 1-up ya. But yeah. Bearers got nerfed SO HARD.


Yeah, I think this definitely should have been in the patch notes. When bearer HP nerf was reversed, Andy did tell us it was a “for now” thing but just pushing it in there without any commentary (is the new nerf what it was before the reversal, or have the values changed again) or even acknowledgement doesn’t feel nice.

Patch notes should touch upon the things that get changed. We don’t need a paragraph for each change but at least a bullet point. Don’t make your players guess if this is another bug or not by leaving things out (we know this one isn’t based on past comments from @AndyB but my feedback is more generalized in terms of patch notes as a whole).


My thrall Dono went from 11K to 3.8K today. I guess he got terminally ill and it looks like there will be a funeral goodbye party for him rly soon

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  • Bearer thrall health changes reinstated.

There you go. Now you can play the game as you would.

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My point is that the patch notes should be comprehensive. It’s not just about the bearer HP this particular patch. I’m not even currently using bearers as is. But if a company is going to bother putting out patch notes, those notes should be pretty indicative of all the changes one can expect with the update. Like I said in my post, this is a general comment about the patch notes as a whole.


If they put into the patch notes every change that -I- believe is relevant, you’d have a several thousand line page of patch notes.

Instead of going with what you or I think is relevant, they do what they believe is relevant. Besides there’s been a serious of patch notes indicating this was coming. I don’t think your gameplay was seriously hampered by a single line missing. When you login, you found your bearers adjusted in the way they said they would do it.

But I’ve given you the line you required. Your bearer thralls health was adjusted in the way they were initially intended. You are welcome. I’ve given you the patchnote you requested.

There has to be an internal change list they use (???), or FC is that disorganized and they wing it. Don’t have to expand on the changes, just replicate the list as bullet points from that list.

Either they have some sort of communication internally during developement, or they don’t, which would explain ALOT.

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The question is did they do it on purpose or did someone forget to include the thrall HP role back in this update?
I mean it is funcom, wouldn’t be the first time.

They said they would do it, and then did it. For some odd reason everyone thought they were… bluffing?

Funcom: We’re going to reduce Bearer Health in a future update.
Players : :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Funcom reduces bearer health in an update.

I’d bet you 10k hardened brick that there’s actually no internal change list.


Uh, no. They said they would do it “at some time later on”. That does not change the fact that they just randomly dropped it on people WITHOUT WARNING OR EVEN ACKNOWLEDGING IT IN THEIR PATCH NOTES And yet you seem to think that people are just… assuming that it was going to happen on this specific patch somehow?

Funcom: We’re going to reduce Bearer Health in a future update.
Players : :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Taemien: Uses a crystal ball to scry into the future to know exactly which patch will contain the Bearer health reduction and not say anything so that they can hold it over the rest of the players.

Does that sound more like it???


I was pretty certain it was going to happen sooner than later according to previous patch note descriptions and I assumed everyone figured it was going to happen sooner rather than later too. I had no idea the patch was going to hit mid-chapter though.

I believe most of the outrage is people wanted to keep their tanky thralls, but have accepted that it wasn’t going to be so they are venting their frustration on the specifics of a patch note instead. With maybe a small minority who haven’t been reading all off the notes previously.

They also said they want to add more patrons to the tavern. And revamp pets. And add more to the player economy so that there’s more to spend gold on. Oh, and add DBNO.

Notice how they told us when they did that last thing.

That’s all anyone is asking for. Tell us when you actually do the thing you’ve been talking about. When you make changes, be transparent about it. That way, if it’s NOT in the patch notes, players can reasonably conclude that something not noted is a bug or exploit. This also goes for known issues: be transparent about issues ahead of time when you know about them.


So, reiterating that I do not currently use bearers…

I went in to my base, where I stashed a named bearer I got from a purge just out of curiosity.

DBNO is not going to help this one, if I ever decided to level her. I don’t even have the functionality of telling a thrall to follow but stop at a safe distance behind me anymore to try to get past this excessively low starter health.

So I will continue not using bearers.

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