10+ AFK deaths, "inventory body" gone

Hi there,
I was AFK for over 30min on the phone, to return to desk and find my character alive at a location where my bedroll was placed. This was maybe the 2nd or 3rd time in 3 years, when I leave my character AFK like that without disconnecting.
When I returned to base, at the location of my initial death by thirst, the body containing the inventory was nowhere to be found. I cannot tell how many times the character died, all I can say is that there were around 10 naked bodies at the bedroll location.
Occured on Official Server #6422 PVE
Is there a finite amount of body count, like a capped number of maximum?

EDIT: So, given that the bedroll was near a tiger, there is the possibility that my character could have died 20, 30, 40 50 times. And there were 10 bodies there. Would 10 be the cap?
Can we please get an official answer on this? To be clearer, what is the “first-out last-in” rota number?

I believe there is a capped limit on number of bodies, as you suggest (actually, I thought it was 3, so clearly I was wrong on that…). Hopefully someone more sure can confirm the correct data.

Some days this game really needs a pause function…

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I think that they increased the rate of “thirst” and “hunger” to compensate for what they did to food. If they hadn’t done this they basically would have removed food from the game and made it pointless. However as a result you now experience the kind of thing you just described.

I find it irritating. So irritating that I uninstalled the game. I’m just hanging around now on the off chance they actually read this forum and decide to fix something.

  • PLEASE RESTORE FOOD TO ITS PRE SIPTAH STATE FUNCOM (with the original healing etc)

  • Restore Pre-Siptah hunger and thirst rates

of course there is a limit of deathloot corpses aka graves, my server has 1
you die you have deathloot corpse and if you die again trying to get your stuff back it’s allover, corpse pops out lootbag pops in and you have like what minute? to get it

I don’t by any stretch of the imagination believe you died more than 10 times in over 30 minutes unless by over 30 minutes you mean 3 or 4 hours.

Sorry to say this, but pretty narrow imagination. Conversation lasted 36 min and bedroll was near a tiger.

Then you didn’t “return” to base. You returned to a bed roll you foolishly placed near a tiger. Why is this even being discussed? A list of bad choices and you lost your stuff.

Dude why are you even here? Looking for a fight?
Because you clearly did not read the post if you talk this stuff… If you did read it, do check how you lost the thread. The story started at point A, mentioned point B, then A again, then B again. Still lost?
Furthemore, you are way off-topic.
The subject here is the maximum amount of deaths for an initial body to dissapear.

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A pause could really work in online PVE, but this might have not been introduced to balance full servers

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Entirely true - the server situation is already complicated enough with the whole ‘catch-up time’ thing - adding the ability for individuals to pause, while the rest of the server carries on, would cause all manner of extra issues.

Doesn’t stop me wishing for it some days though :wink:

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Want to find out the max body count? keep killing yourself and keep count until your first body disappears. Would of took less time then it took you to create this thread.

I’ve also noticed that your thirst and hunger “burn rate” is a lot lower if you’re idle in a location that provides you with shelter.

Personally, I find all these little tweaks make the game a lot more interesting and I hope they don’t revert anything.

Still, it would be nice to have an official opinion…

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