100 hours in to the game here is my list of bugs

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I’ve put about 100 hours into the game both on EA and official launch and let me tell you this game is not even close ready for the rushed release it got. Here are the bugs that i have encountered that you simply find by playing you do not need to do anything special to reproduce them.

  1. Performance on the server side and on the engine side suffers greatly , there is a lot of frame skipping and questionable fps drops in areas where there is nothing, on some areas that are heavily populated like the Unknown City there is no fps drop boggles the mind, only thing to blame here is game code, both AMD and Nvidia users suffer from this issue, this is number 1 and needs to be fixed first!

  2. Exploring the map, fighting with NPC and specially bosses might insta kill you, spawning you back at the base which you fall through and get stuck in.

  3. Health drops when you consume food this was in EA and is still here

  4. AI clips through walls and the ground, sometimes it just stands there you can walk up right to a mammoth and its just standing there, very easy to exploit that just run up and swing away a level 1 toon can cheese that.

  5. Crafting items might disappear from your inventory.

  6. Sandstorms damage you inside buildings

  7. Weather effects do not match with sound effects, sound effect stutter a revision of the sound engine in UE is needed, get rid of that crap Xaudio2 its notorious for performance issues we are in the 2018 use a hdmi or directx sound

  8. Anti cheat system Denuvo drains system resources and causes system instability and crashes this need to be gone as well. Uses up to 10 gigs of system memory get rid of this adware please.

  9. Combat animations clip through weapons resulting in you or the NPC teleporting forward.

  10. The state of the game is in a dire situation just like it was in EA, funcom you need to be more open with the community and lay out a road map on when these issues starting with performance can be fixed. Until then i won’t be considering to return and won’t recommend people to buy this game, is it worth 15 dollars for EA yes, is it worth 50 dollars in this state at release hell NO.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. yeah i can confirm this

ten. agreed

Nr1 sudden FPS drop irritates me aswell. Im playing at high, and have 70-90 fps. Suddenly it lags down to 10-15. Doesnt matter what im dooing or where I am. It just “happens”.

Even if i try to go to Low, it happens. 110-120 fps down to 10-15.
Even tried “low pc” thingy just for giggles, same problem.

ITs weird :confused:

Nvidia 980 6bg, I7, 16gb ram, game installed on m.2 SSD.

That is not a bug. When you eat, your max health increases a bit (temporarily), and then the health bar fills to the new maximum because of health regen from the food you ate.