Today's patch didn't help me at all

Nice…we can track our followers. Read about a bunch of fixes on the patch notes of problems I’ve never encountered.

Too bad the game still isn’t running as well as it was after the mounts update. Couldn’t play long enough to check anything else out…made my eyes hurt.

The game was running great after the mounts update and not so much after the subsequent patch and hotfix. Wish they’d fix whatever they changed. I’d like to play once in a while without getting a headache.

Good thing I kept my expectations of today’s patch low.


If I may give you a word of advice, please don’t confuse rudeness with criticism :wink:

I know why you’re saying what you did, because I saw you get flagged on your first post. I have no idea why people flagged the original post on that thread, because it was a perfectly valid description of a bug, although it might have been better off in one of the bug report forums. Your own first post, on the other hand, was eminently flaggable, because it amounted to little more than calling people “fanboys and die hards”. :man_shrugging:


Getting back on topic: @BigDave, what’s causing the problem? Did you make a bug report? If so, did they even reply? This sounds like a serious issue :frowning:

true, but sadly we dont see alot of people not flagging when the game takes a hit over bug and glitches,
and im not only reffering to funcoms conan exile but many other games who woudl preffer to hide their head in the sand and pretend everything is ok.
as for the flagging. i pressed the reply button and it was instantly published as flag. not like publish and 10 seconds later its flagged . like boom! flagged


The skipping and stuttering mainly. It didn’t just go bad all of a sudden. It goes way back. It’s been off and on like this on other occasions after a patch or hotfix. Usually it gets better after they patch the patches that cause it. But it’s always a patch or hotfix that causes it or makes it a little better.

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I’m still waiting after nearly two years as to what’s causing it. I didn’t feel it necessary to put in yet another bug report. It goes way back and gets worse or better with patches or hotfixes. (Refer to link below) Yes, it is a serious issue as on a few occasions like now, I can’t play the game long without it becoming too bothersome.

It never got fixed for some of us. I’m likely one of the few that’s hung in there this long waiting for it to be taken care of and thought it finally was with the mounts update.


Ouch. On the one hand, I know that bug triage and prioritization often takes into account how many users are affected and if a bug’s solved for majority of them, then it might get deprioritized.

On the other hand, maybe it’s time to post another bug and, if the devs reply, work a bit closer with them to provide more info, so they can try to pin it down for cases like yours. I might be too optimistic, but it could be worth a try.

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I have noticed this as well on a new server i am on. There are times it feels it is skipping animation frames on some NPC’s and teleporting a few feet instead.


Hold my beer :slight_smile:

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There are times in my life when I am particularly susceptible to a variable frame rate. TLDR, don’t want to bore anybody with the citations. Right now, when I emulate your machine’s clocking, I’m getting 124 frames per second on load-in at 1080p. It then starts to vary and drop as I move about, which can cause nausea, vertigo and persistent head pain in susceptible people. There is also a very noticeable “hitch” while playing like this, at any game setting.

Framerate Detail

Interestingly, and this seems to bear out my theory, when video from a variable-frame-rate session like this, between 90fps and 125fps, is simply Handbraked or Media Encoded to 60fps, the video output is not “unhealthy.” Thus, it’s the variable frames, even though they are quite beyond our recognizable perception, that can cause problems. The issue is with how the brain interprets strobing light: in variable frame instances, the machine will “paint” a frame with visual tearing evident, and it will smear across the screen as a strobe.

For my migraine and eye health, I have locked my frame rate to 60 (720p/30 on my laptop), which has helped immensely. It has allowed me to let more Conan back into my life on a daily basis. I use EVGA PrecisionX (I know your card will have a different app) to actually throttle back my GPU and hold at 60 fps. This is on a 2070 Super emulating your machine in a virtual instance.

Although I understand why they might do this, it could be an unfortunate mistake on their part if some of the people dropping out of the game are doing so due to this problem, but are tired of talking about it. In that case, Funcom can’t get an accurate read on how many people are experiencing this. It’s been addressed on these forums many times already.
Steam Charts is currently showing a decline in player numbers that coincides with the patch and hotfix released just after the mounts update. I know I can’t really go by Steam Chart numbers alone to confirm this hypothetical situation, but since it’s happening to me, it seems like more than a coincidence.

I don’t know that this would be considered a bug. Seems more likely that variables in the game were changed that affected it. I’m not sure I could provide any new information that hasn’t already been presented.

The game ran beautifully after the mounts update. Something changed in the following patch and/or hotfix. I would think they’d know what it might be and was hoping they’d have it corrected it in the newly released patch.

Hey Barnes. I have indeed tried limiting my fps to 60. I didn’t get positive results. I’ve tweaked the in game settings and my video card app trying many different combinations to no avail. I’ve also tried all the suggestions that I’ve found in the link on my previous post as well as others I’ve found online in other forums and YouTube videos. Zilch. The only thing that has ever made a difference either way is one patch/hotfix or another.

This afternoon, I was considering hanging upside down from the ceiling wearing a loin cloth and covered in feathers, beads, and rattles whilst reciting Gregorian chants with Ronnie James Dio playing in the background. Yeah…I haven’t tried that yet. :wink:


Honestly part of the problem of the game and its inability to improve is the community here being an ehcochamber of positivity and the negativity being locked hidden and flagged

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??? 1st week of December is patch release if I am not mistaken, then a tweak to the movement around mid December. Do not see the decrease. Just want to be clear on what data you are using for the steady decline.

Month Avg. Players Gain % Gain Peak Players
Last 30 Days 9,012.5 -381.5 -4.06% 14,589
February 2020 9,393.9 -2,266.1 -19.43% 16,460
January 2020 11,660.0 +817.7 +7.54% 20,972
December 2019 10,842.3 +4,976.6 +84.84% 21,129
November 2019 5,865.6 -403.9 -6.44% 10,184

The decrease begins on the charts in February. These numbers are averages, so having a negative number in the “Last 30 Days” line indicates a steady decline.
This summarizes what I was talking about.

12/05 - I think that’s when the mounts update was released. Game ran great.
12/13 - Patch released that readjusted the movement. Game still ran great. +4,976 player gain.
12/19 - Hotfix released. Stuttering returned, game plays poorly. Wait for next patch for fix.
01/30 - Patch released. Stuttering remains, game still plays poorly. Player gain drops to +817.
02/11 - Patch released. Stuttering remains, game still plays poorly. -2,266 player loss.
03/10 - Patch released. Stuttering remains, game still plays poorly. -381 player loss so far for March averages.

I’m surmising that it looks to me like folks held out till the 01/30 patch before they got tired of waiting for a fix then the player number dropped by more than 2,200 when that fix didn’t arrive and is still on the decline according to the present numbers in the chart.
I’m not necessarily saying all the loss is due to the performance issue, yet I have to assume that at least some of those folks are having the same issues with the game as myself, but aren’t showing up on the forums to talk about it. Quite a few have reported it in the past.
Ergo, if, as CodeMage suggested, Funcom is prioritizing the issue based on the number of people reporting it, they won’t get accurate numbers and these people aren’t going to return until the problem is fixed and the game is running like it was just after the mounts update.

I deleted the game from my computer for months prior to the mounts update because of the performance issue. I simply couldn’t play it in that condition. When the mounts update was released, I reinstalled and was happy to see the game running fine. Then the 12/19 hotfix botched it for me again.

Sorry if I rambled on. I hope this clears up my line of thinking on the subject.

A few words of caution. First, correlation does not imply causation. Second, we should be extra careful trying to interpret statistics from last two months, because COVID-19 is affecting everything in unpredictable ways.

Honestly, the whole thing is really a digression from the main topic, which is that there’s a problem with the game that needs to be solved. Realistically speaking, trying to present arguments along the lines of “not fixing this is what’s causing people to quit” has never swayed Funcom.

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No, but correlations can be suggestive. In the end, this isn’t a science, it’s a game forum.

Good point…sort of. I would question it’s negative affect on gaming.

Kind of kicked off by your statement. Yet I don’t see the harm.

Nor was that ever my intention. Never assume my intent. Perhaps you haven’t seen many of my posts. If I have something to say, I say it directly. I’m not a big fan of pretense. Now it just looks like you’re trying to ruffle my feathers. I won’t have that today.

Nice talk.

The number decreases, but that had been the cycle of CE in general if you look at the 18+month history. Patch, bump, then drop to 2 months to the “norm”. The mounts patch in general was one of the bigger spikes for CE that sustained a lot longer. Not that there aren’t issues, but using the steam charts is probably not conclusive to support any argument when it comes to bugs in general.


Quite correct, it’s not conclusive. I wasn’t arguing that point.

Going back further in this thread, you’ll see that my point was that if Funcom is triaging the prioritization of fixing the performance issue in question, as was suggested by CodeMage, and if the people affected are bailing out and/or not showing up on the forums because it hasn’t been fixed yet, then Funcom can’t get accurate numbers as to who’s affected.

So the problem gets a low priority and doesn’t get fixed and those affected can’t play. It becomes a vicious loop.

They seem to have fixed the problem with the mounts update. It was running great after that update. It only makes sense for them to figure out what they changed in the hotfix that brought it back and reverse what they did so we can all enjoy the game.

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I didn’t mean to imply that you shouldn’t be having this discussion with @WhatMightHaveBeen. I’m just pointing out that it won’t help get Funcom to fix the bug.

Wasn’t my intention. I’m trying to think of the ways this issue can be brought to Funcom’s attention and prioritized. As part of that, I also pointed out what won’t help with that. Maybe it’s single-minded, but it’s definitely not meant as a provocation.

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other issue to take in account is: if people report issues, bugs or glitches in the appropriate forum tab to add more inforation to help on the occurence and they get thrown down the gutter, get their posts removed by admin who have a bad hair day or simply get flagged and reported by people who are too sensitive to witstand critics or any form unpleasant information…its not going to encourage players to report.

i reported 2 issues so far. one got ignored, the other got removed by admins…
its not really a great experience and its most likely that if it happens i will probably be turning my content into salt or simply quit the game because it remains a crappy experience when trying to help. And from what i could see on this site i am not the only person who had a really crappy experience regarding the funcoms forum team.

7000 player loss is still an impressive amount

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