2.3 bugs so far

I’m glad your server is fine.
The servers are searchable, however when you try to load in, you get an infinite load screen.

Maybe they nerfed the thrall teleport, there’s nothing in the patch notes, but I feel like I remember them mentioning it at some point. I will test it for you later.

Has anyone been having issues with workbenches disappearing? Or fish catchers? Ive lost like 5 fish catchers now and my improved furnace with all of its contents disappeared.

in short EVERYTHING is wrong. just because they released an Update that is not 2.3 since it has a lot of beta things waiting that they do not want to unlock them. It will be one of the causes of the Bug? meanwhile on PC they are already on 2.4 and I don’t remember these things happening to them. Because the Patch was released as is. Without Padlocks.

where are the new aspects? I do see the table but the changes are the same. and supposedly unlocking chairs for Rinos. But once the table is placed, where is it? so EVERYTHING … This is pack 2.1 (with things 2.3) all Closed.

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First of all, it’s not 2.1, it’s 2.3, because it brings all of the 2.3 features and changes. If you compare 2.1 and 2.3 patch notes for PC, you’ll see that the PS4 version includes changes that are present in 2.3 patch notes and absent in 2.1 patch notes.

Second, if you don’t have a DLC, you don’t get access to DLC-specific content. That’s true for all DLCs, including Isle of Siptah. Rhino saddles are DLC-specific content. Just like you can’t build Aquilonian foundations if you don’t buy Jewel of the West DLC – even though those foundations are baked into the base game .pak files – you can’t craft Rhino saddles without the Isle of Siptah DLC. That’s how DLCs work.

Third, they haven’t released the Isle of Siptah out of early access yet. As long as it’s in early access, it’s not going to be available on the consoles. It has to do with Sony (for PS4) and Microsoft (for Xbox), and their rules. They’re the platform gatekeepers, and they make the rules that Funcom has to obey.

Thanks for clarifying some doubts, Tell you that in Console I have ALL the DLC including the Conan special. On PC I only have the one from Blood and Sand and the siptah… I know very well how they work. And if it is Update 2.3 (that almost everything is focused on Siptah) And how is it possible, that these Anti-Nudity Errors (All servers) and Pve.C OFF Infinite Loading Screen, never occurred on PC
The worst thing is, PC 2.4 while PC continues to grow (I remember that PC has MOD and many modifications and Console that is completely clean can not fix it.) Modify and with padlock. That is the problem of Funcom (wasting time to see what to block and then launch the update * 2.2,5 *) Tell me if there is an answer if it is not the one we all know, ¿that another game of any kind and multiplatform is capable of being updated on one platform before another.? Having your own O.o Server Testing.

translated from google. (forgive if they don’t understand something)

Anybody else get killed by the sandstorm effect while in a cave and, supposedly, full shelter?

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If you think that almost all of the changes in 2.3 are focused on Siptah, you weren’t paying attention, either to the game, or the forums.

Because PC players can’t test console-specific code. Funcom tests Conan Exiles in-house before releasing the patch, but bugs always slip past that testing process and end up live, where players catch them and report them to be fixed.

What consoles are facing now is the combination of known bugs that haven’t yet been fixed on any platform, and unknown bugs that are specific to each console platform.

You claim you know how DLCs work, yet you insist that Funcom had to sit down and do a special modification of the console versions to “block things with padlocks”. So, either you don’t really know how DLCs work – in which case I encourage you to reread what I wrote earlier and ask for clarification – or you do know but you’re convinced, against all reason, that console players are a victim of some kind of Funcom conspiracy.

If that’s what you believe, I don’t see any point in wasting time on talking to you.

Knock down animation on human npcs displays twice. Anyone else secretly hoping the nudity “bug” is a secret plot by funcom to “accidentally” unlock full nudity on all platforms in all regions by “fixing” this bug and “having trouble” fixing it?

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hi @community i would like to know why i wake up dead in my bed when i log in, the room is closed and i feel like the storm is going through the walls plus i have a npj who it is stuck in a rock and impossible to move after breaking the rock and 10 minutes after your NPC died, impossible to recover armor and weapon in his body because he disappeared and given the time for the Farmer it is really boring, a player who plays all alone contact me to tell me that she fell into the ground in the nameless city and me who keeps stealing in my house. the bosses who let us go to attack the horse, ca becomes more and more difficult to play on my own, for example to do the kairi dungeon and almost impossible, I play in pve and I don’t want to play with people I don’t know, I feel like the combat system and more appropriate for the pvp mode but why have the same combat system when x different system, thank you

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sorry for the translation

I’ve been seeing this bug on PC for a while now, too. I don’t know what causes it, but you can avoid it by not logging out on top of the bed.

Alternately, you can take precautions by putting everything you have on you inside a chest before logging out, and then log out on top of the bed naked. That way you don’t lose any gear even if you die.

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I lost a thrall while fighting the Red Mother. When I started fighting, the thrall sunk into the ground like usual. Except this time it never came back. It was removed from the roster, and no combat log entry was shown.

My best guess is that this is related to the undermesh fixes Funcom implemented. The thrall dipped down enough to get “killed.”

The thrall going underground bug has been around forever. Mostly curious as to why it hasnt been fixed. The Lost City is truly a mysterious place.

Greetings everyone,

We regret that the update caused the issues reported and so much frustration. Please understand that we already fixed most of them in the meantime and an upcoming patch will solve them for the consoles as well. We are coming close to the next certification process for Playstation and as soon as we have more news, we’ll share them with all of you.

Thanks for your patience and ongoing support.


Thank you very much for this news. Can you tell us if the new patch will fix the lag that is 8x worse than before the update and was the primary reason the game was unplayable on the previous version?

Here is one. I can no longer build inside a significant area of my base since the update. It just says. Furthermore, many and I do mean MANY of the building pieces are showing up as “No Owner”. After waiting quite patiently for 7 months for any fixes, 11 for any content ones, and encouraging others to do so also, I am feeling fairly disenfranchised right about now.

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A little off topic but I just tested giving a thrall daggers and they combo just fine.

Can you remember what the thrall was originally equipped with upon breaking?

Updated the original post to include more bugs my server and players have come across

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Thanks Mayra, are you refering to 1.64? Because nothing seems to have changed/been fixed at all with this update.

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