2.4.6 update ( possibly killed game )

Game mode: Online
Type of issue: Bug/crash
Server type: PVE
Region: europe 6422
Mods?: No
Edition: Steam

Bug Description:

What to tell, this patch or hotfix kiiinda killed my gameplay fully this is what i get now from 24 june.

  1. Random DLC pieces just dissapear, or lose stability ( Stability is on logs already merged with main topic)
  2. NPC spawning either instant behind and killing or no
  3. LAGS are abnormal big - rided horse near sea, suddenly game froze ( screen did not moved near the island that is south west…) And after 2 minutes i was far in sea dead…
  4. again random crashes when riding tru island or close game itself…
  5. Server has 250 + ping almost all time now, only way to join is by IP… and then it dies , restarts and yes pieces are gone…
  6. forget to add - maybe this is caused by ping on server - but i cant hit enemys now like 50/50 i see i hit them but by code nope… but they are missing me or hitting shield, but i am still getting damage, simple example is hyenas, i miss somehow 2 times but they bite basic air and i am getting damaged…

Expected Behavior:

Gameplay like it was before 24 june… like somewhere between this patch and one before… even that blinking on special items are better than game not playable at all…

anything Ping related you have to adress at G-Portal the Discounter Server rent service, maybe funcom should stop using G-Portal all together to get its users better Pings?

Its only on officials by settings, i used gportal to 1 month rent, but never got any issue based on ping, well got others tho, but never in 30 days about ping… + so far i aint capable to play on my official i used to play, from june 24, i see 200+ ping almost all day, and if ijoin by IP to 6422 i get kicked after too long connection or if i get in game to reset timer to not lose that what left from my palace because of damn 24 june update stability loss, i cant even protect myself from NPC or animals, even on lock-on i hit them but then ping or something makes me hit air…

There’s a reason some survival games wipe every month. I remember Siptah servers working flawlessly when they launched. One year forward, some Siptah servers still work really well, while others are becoming a lag fest.
I’m starting to think there’s a connection between lag and server-life time, but I could be wrong. Recently opened servers, even for Exiled Lands, worked flawlessly.

With so many player structures coming and going, there’s bound to have a ton of logs, and possibly corrupted or irrelevant data in the data base.
For example if you type in console “toggle debug HUD”, at some point you’ll see some wierd numbers show up on screen about placed objects and such, that reaches billions of units. You can tell that irrelevant data from the past still finds its way into daily reset check-ups and server runtime.

I think at some point, Funcom will have to wipe some servers, at least those who have 0 players. I’m sure it will make them perform better.

Stability issues are everywhere also unmodded single player

The lag is caused by something related to the server… I drained a full pool of stamina yesterday quite a few times on teleport lagging creatures

Also the rubber banding seems to be back…

What’s the point if the server is already empty?

Clean up the servers for a better performance, so players that join in the future can have a better experience.

Well… if the sever is empty isn’t the server already clean and cleared? Decay takes care of that right?

I do see thralls staying way too long after a base decayed though

Not really, because there is a ton of players who log once per week just to refresh their massive builds. This is the reason why people keep asking for upkeep to be introduced.

At this LAG point, i , the player who mostly played all days 1 -2 hours, now i am turned like them, because its impossible to play at this '‘lag’'update, not only lags, but yes… :frowning:

edit line on todays findings

  1. Again special crafting tab is bugged - i dont see anything until relogging… like i dont see watcher items again, still no war rhino… and also no ‘‘pirate’’ even this update anounces there should be those items…
    (5 relogs + game update fixed it for now… i hope )

Yeah, so heard there were stability issues and hadn’t noticed anything lost of mine. Until I went to Exiled lands and in my throne room all the stage pieces were gone along with about 80 chests full of items and all the items on them. Very frustrating to say the least. About 16 of the chests were full of thrall armor that can’t even be made any more. F’ingFuncom. Why can’t you get your updates straight? You are seriously about to ruin my experience completely and make me find something else more stable to play after over 3500 hours of time. This is totally unacceptable. What are the plans to restore lost gear and items to players affected by this incompetence?


One old sore head son of a b.

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