Game keeps crashing every 10min, ping keeps jumping, cant hardly render / load bases, thralls etc, when trying to use spells it hard crashes the game & takes you to the Xbox 1 Dashboard

Ever sense the update I have been crashing every 5-10min, bases built before the update are taking forever to load an most of the time crash while the game is attempting to load / render the structure, thralls etc. The ping is out of control jumping from 60 then 560, also the “magic” is un-use-able everyone who has tried to use it gets a hard crash to the xb dashboard, this update f**ked up the game making it nearly un play able, has there been any word from funcom in regards to these new issues? I & my community would like to continue playing on our server we’ve rented from gportal for the pass year & a half, but it seems un do able.


There been plenty of threads about this but I still haven’t seen anything from FC

In all possibility, they haven’t isolated the problem yet.
While all those affected definitely know what the symptom is, finding the cause is often more challenging.
Altho acknowledgment that it is both known, and being worked on would be nice.
Games as a service model, one should expect faster turn around than what happened in previous years

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