2 New Thralls That Make Sense

Minstrels - Thralls that provide entertainment like dancers because they play music. It gives the dancers something to dance to, helping with immersion.

Elevator Operator - Makes the elevator go faster.

Also consider adding the ability to order your thralls to enter “Docile Mode”, a passive mode where they don’t attack every hostile creature they perceive. This would make Bearers more useful.


We might not even need a separate thrall type for minstrels. Just an item (musical instrument) that, when placed into their inventory, overrides their standard dance emote and replaces it with a “play instrument” emote. This is technically possible, the StraysThralls mod already has a similar feature (no musical instruments, though, but overriding dancer emotes with e.g. sitting or praying).

I once jokingly suggested that the elevator could be connected to the Wheel of pain, ie. when there’s a thrall pushing the wheel, it raises and lowers the elevator. I have a couple of elevators set to the side of very high plateaus, and waiting for the cage… well, it gives me the opportunity to play with the emote wheel.

And indeed, the ability to give commands to thralls such as “kill things for me” and “stop killing everyone you see” is a very often requested feature, and one that has my full support too.


I’d like one that operates the tar cauldrons. It’s almost impossible to use them when getting raided


The Elevator Operator seems a bit…opulent? I mean, just imagine in a rugged wilderness full of Exiles, we have those whose only skill is working an elevator.

It’s like the people who go camping in the big fancy RV, and stay inside it all the time watching their satellite TV, with the microwave for cooking and indoor plumbing.

I’m with Kapo on the Minstrels. We should be able to turn an Entertainer into a variety of “entertainments”.

  1. No equips, they just dance.
  2. Equip a musical “weapon” to make them a minstrel that plays song for you.
  3. Equip a tome “weapon” to make them a bard, reciting poetry or singing a song (the way you have in taverns in Skyrim)

Technically, in a rugged wilderness, that’s less opulent than having a dancer. What’s weird is having an elevator that works without an operator. It IS a bit specialized though, so how about…

Engineer - Operates machinery like the elevator, the oil/tar cauldron thingy, and makes the trebuchet more accurate by showing an aim arc whenever you turn it or change the counter weight.

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Well, an elevator operator would seemingly require more mechanical knowledge.

It doesn’t take a lot of special knowledge to dance and shake your ■■■ for the entertainment of a bunch of Exiles.

An Engineer would probably be more appropriate.