New Thrall Ideas/Mechanics

So instead of making completely new thrall types, I think Entertainers should be able to play music on the instruments around them. Maybe use the khitan Zheng, or the harp. Now those are both dlc only, so they should also be able to use drums too. That way, they can actually dance to music that’s being played to them and it could grant a larger AOE buff?

Secondly, I really think that you should be able to get a perk in the trees that lets you bring more than one thrall. Now this sounds really op, but it could be the last perk on a tree that is generally not used much, making it a perk you really want to have, but can’t get easily. Now this would allow you to have a mount and a fighter with you so your fighter can help you where the mount should stay behind. These are my thoughts! Enjoy! Lmk your thoughts!

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