2509(official) why?¿?

So apparently a clan built next to every obelisk in this map has a map room by them, they are completely built around the sinkhole and if you upset them they close everything off. :joy: They claim to be the saviors of the server the good guys but all they do is run around New River kill people with poison arrows and acid arrows when you are offline. It’s just sad :joy:

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Sad but true . Send a ticket :wink:

oh no they’ve been suspended before they’ve been on the server for a long time in fact one of the main clan members used to be in my clan he’s a real piece of work along with his little side chick and Canadians with their beady eyes and Bobby heads :joy: the main guy is a total loser has no life. His fiance has his balls in the jaw and this is the only way that he can feel Superior to anybody in life. The guy has to jump off immediately when his girlfriend gets home​:joy: one time he called me from the bathroom when he was out eating dinner with her because he was so worried about a purge. They are in a PVEC server treating it like is a PVP server LMAO. AND YES I have tried to get them to pick a PVP server to play in so we can play some real PVP and they won’t do it. So anytime I come back to the server they close everything up and anytime anybody does anything to upset them they close everything up stupid :joy:

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Well , I can see the reasons you don’t send a ticket and I can totally understand it , but their tickets are about to arrive . Their actions are one way ticket :rofl::rofl::rofl: .

He’s been suspended once do they suspend people for killing you at the obelisk while in the loading screen?

As far as I know , this is allowed in official servers , it’s called obelisk camping . In private servers , at least most of them , it is called spawn kill and you have penalties if you do it .

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Please report any infractions on official servers via our tool Zendesk.

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