3.0 and Purges: will it be a massacre?

Since I play PvE in official servers, I am worried about the changes in 3.0 regarding Thralls.
Will Thralls and Pets become weaker and only stronger when following you when you have the perks active?
Will Thralls and Pets guarding my building die easily when fighting a Purge because I cannot make them follow me at the same time?


Easily or easier? There is a difference here because this topic isn’t binary suck vs demigod but all shades therein.

Is there more risk to a thrall dying, yes. Does that mean you might as well pack up because the purge is going to wipe you and all of your thralls? No.

There are a great number of things that can be done to secure your base in the 10 minute window including raising zombies.

Now as far as pets go, they haven’t changed in terms of reduction and have shown to be better powerhouses than what they were before due to the attribute redo process.


Yes. Whether one is for or against the changes, think it’s too much or too little it’s an unarguably fact that non-follower Thralls will become weaker in 3.0.

Now that is the real question (to which I don’t have an answer).

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Yes. That’s confirmed.

According to the people who actually played with post-nerf thralls and tested the purge, there will be more risk than before, but it should be manageable.

Here’s a post by @darthphysicist, who was kind enough to share his experiences from closed beta test of the Age of Sorcery:

Here’s a post by @Ricojes, who went into TestLive and did some concrete testing and then described those tests and their results in detail:

It looks like purges will be riskier than before, but perfectly manageable provided that you adapt your tactics.

Also, bear in mind that these posts only talk about thralls. With the Age of Sorcery, we’ll have more tools in our toolbox, such as resurrected corpses, which seem to be quite powerful:

Not to mention how powerful some pets are:

All in all, I’m excited for 3.0


The lians as an example were actually why I was particular when test started to get dalinsias. They have good health at level 0 and I was farming the mounds like it was going out of style. I wanted a meat shield that I didnt have to level in case they died in a purge. Just pull out another dalinsia and replace if necessary. I made them all pictish war chief armor because I figured it was still str buff. The concern of the health nerf was my inly reason for going for her as I wanted what I figured would still be the best sponge (bearers btw have similar pre nerf health… but also trash damage).


After thinking about this, it occurs to me that you actually should not want to hear this… by that I mean, Funcom is nerf hammering thralls and even then they can still handle the toughest purges with ease… that’s probably not good from their perspective. Shouldn’t building in those places be risky by default and if there is a formula for defeating them, doesnt that mean it wasn’t deep enough for PVE?

I’m being a little facetious because as I mentioned, I think the jury is still out if the cuts were too deep for PVP. I know some people are doing tests but I think the answer may need months of people kicking the crap out of each other post testlive to know the answer.

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Yes if it was a rocknose purge, you think you are going well til the last horde, then comes the worlds devourer to put down half of your base and kill some thralls. Nothing that we can overcome with time but i think that nerfing is lazy way to make things harder. I always thougth that was strange that every being on exile lands has more than 1k hp someone had 10k and so on and the player could have max of 500~600 pre 3.0. and do so little damage. Think they should boost more the player damage and life and let us deal with bosses better.


Yup! I’m sure there’ll be some annoying bugs here and there old and new, (and of course some folks will just never be satisfied no matter what) but yeah, looks like @den and the guys did a pretty good job on this! Now just to wait and see how the BP plays into it all.

Well, I said it before and I don’t mind repeating it (especially because it looks like I was right :wink: ) but it seems as if they are attempting to structure progression more horizontally - with more playable content and requiring more player participation. They didn’t actually nerf thralls at all… <shock! IKR?!?> they just made it so that in order to experience the same level of “thrall superiority” the player is now required to participate - rather than just go there, watch, and loot afterwards. Right, the thralls can experience or “use” about the same number of health points and hit with the same DPS (actually even more now) but the players have to be hitting on the boss or whatever for that to be true and the player has to do the required things in order to get and use the armor that enables such things to the highest extent. etc.

That would likely make it more boring… UG. It’s already terribly one-sided. I mean by the time a player has been level 60 for a month (under normal progression) most all bosses melt like butter. Where’s the challenge? Where’s the fun? And OMG, especially if you fight with friends! Three players on the undead dragon each with a thrall, he drops in less than 2 minutes. :frowning: It actually becomes more of a challenge to find him and get there than it is to defeat him. And again, the thralls are not nerfed - they are far more powerful than before if you set it up to be that way. With min-maxing everything maybe 3 or 4 times more powerful. I just jammed in some mindless attribute settings, put on the armor (ate no potions at all) and saw what felt like a 2X increase. :astonished:

  • So boss fighting and adventuring is now more interesting and easier all at the same time. That’s difficult to design in actually - so I applaud!

For purges I have only experienced one so far under 3.0 and that was the Accursed from a level 6 purge. I was totally unready for it. So as the purge was happening I had to spawn in 15 or 20 unleveled berserkers. They come in at around 2k HP and I just let them fight in their rags with whatever weapons they spawn with. A total of three blocks were demolished (no biggy!) while I was spawning and placing and by the end of it we were wiping the floor with them. I didn’t spawn more than 20 but that was WAY more than enough to defeat the Accursed!

And in the places where the Accursed came and there were no thralls set as defense - my two followers and I could clean them up with no trouble at all - there would have been ample opportunity to capture and drag any T4s. I dunno if you have seen the base in my videos but something that size likely need only 8 or 10 named thralls to defend it. More than that and it’s just for the sake of collection or RP…


Well, yes, that is not what I wanted to hear, but not for the reasons you outlined. I really don’t want to have to use only a certain type of thrall for protection. It is what it is.

Your information is very helpful. Thanks.


You could use others, I was just looking for what I expected to be impenetrable. Bear in mind I only had 7-8 thralls for defense at level 0 and my one level 20 buddy thrall. If you want a variety and have more, you’ll also do fine if you level them up and gear them. So many ways to skin the cat other than what I did, but what I did could skin it to the bone…


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