3.0 and PvP: Discussion and Speculation

Just build a base with walls to the max height. Then you are fine :see_no_evil:
Until its seen as abusing the building system…

Finally! My opinion as a player is that they will deprecate the PS4, and cleave it off at perhaps 2.9. I played the Teaser video on my PS4 and the fireballs were enough to make my machine howl with combustion. :stuck_out_tongue:

It seems to me also that they can and should sacrifice Parity for better coding on the Console. Both MS and Sony have very high standards. This always translates to a later release for the Consoles, if history is our guide.


Yeah the idea of multiple followers is both exciting and terrifying to me. I know they are being nerfed, but if I am understanding the perks correctly you could potentially have 2 thralls and then summon 3-4 undead warriors to also fight with you? It could be amazing if the other capstone perks are on par with that, though that seems like a very high bar to me. If not I could see it being overwhelming to both a player and their hardware.


I was always dreaming something like that actually, each Capten to lead his hord for attack. I am already dreaming sorcerers creating traps for thralls leaving Capten unprotected and vulnerable for the counter attack. Pvp in this game can go so far, change so much to strategy and cooperation and lead players to another level of gaming. So far it is a full time job protecting “walls”. A pvp player in this game has spent so much time with his pickaxe, that the point is a bit lost I guess. Pvp should be more engaging on fights than creating bombs and more of the pvp players are more "bombers " than warriors. If the pvp will be based on warriors then maybe I will join back. Until then my war axe is the best farming tool in pve, it’s all a player needs to farm😉.

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I’m actually not excited about anything I’ve heard so far.

Guess we will see how it’s implemented. But I find this all very meh.

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People gonna troll so much with darkness spell, you can run over to someones base, cast darkness, run, come back and do it over and over. This is one of the reasons cooldowns on certain spells could be a good thing

Just wanted to say that most appreciate your dedication to your work and this game. I myself and the individuals on my server are very excited about 3.0 and everything within it. But I do have a question about the main map the exiles. I’ve played this game since it rolled out and I still enjoy. I’ve had my server for over 3 year’s and in that time there hasn’t been new parts opened up for the map. I know there is more to the map because as admin I can teleport to the hidden land’s. Lands that are very nicely put together. Why not open at least some of this land mass? It would bring people back and give the ones that never left more to explore. Again it’s been 3 year’s since any new map additions have been added to the exiles. Everyone that I’ve spoken to have expressed their desire to see these lands available for them to play on. Open up the map and see the population grow once more. @den

Yeah I feel like the Conan Exiles PS4 experience got a lot worse in the last six months. I’ve not been playing for a while and I realised it’s because once I tried out another game, I just couldn’t stomach the thought of how laggy Conan was any more. It’s actually stopped me playing, which is sad.

Hopefully there’ll be improvements with the update. I know it’s a longshot but now we know it’s coming it explains why so many problems were being apparently ignored. Why rebalance weapons for example when you know the whole system is about to change?

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Another thing, do we know if the teleporters are locked to clan members? Or could a sorcerer scry where the teleporters on the map are, and then raiders can teleport into someone’s base? That would be very interesting.

Even with several questions still in the air, this one sees some significant changes to their own style of PvP.
Possibly even more impactful than the removal of Fence Foundation horizontal stacking.

Whether this one will use Sorcery/Corruption for PvP is very much in the air. This one fights the other player and their works, not the other character. Honestly, most of the redoubts employed are very stamina intensive to get to and don’t have room for altars, much less sorcery stations and this one hasn’t caught their own thrall in PvP ever. Stolen many. Used other people’s workstations, ect…
If this one can use the enemy 's reserves of prisoners with jobs at their own magic stations… Well, it is so tempting to stab them with their own toys. Almost as rewarding as knocking down their gate with a true name crafted on their own shrine.

For more conventional PvP, this looks almost like all things made anew. Flight or other such shenanigans completely changes how walls work. Get those archers on the battlements.
Will a god Bubble drive off bats?
So many questions…

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Then I would build a lava trap in the volcano and dismantle the teleporter as a naked. Free loot.

That would be something. Or if one arrow is enough to kill the bat. Then the player will fall to his death. Would be funny. But possibly a oneshot mechanic again. Which I hate…

Sorcery seems to be a glass cannon build for PvP. I am talking about the corrupted attributes. 50% less health and stamina will put you at such a disadvantage. Especially when a fully Strength corrupted player can potentially oneshot you then. The fight of the glass cannons. You will have to be a god at dodging, which is impossible in 6v6 clan fights and with a such restriced stamina pool…

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If it’s just 3rd and 4th strike that gets buffed, it doesn’t really matter for pvp.

If you change to performance mode it runs better than ever on PS4 imo.

But it can still be a lagfest depending on how busy and built the server is lol.

When I joined the project, I was told it wasn’t possible to add to that corner of the map. I didn’t ask why - I accepted that if I were being told that, there would be a very good reason, and most likely there was at that point in time.

Until recently I never had the bandwidth to dig deeper into it - and while there is a little bit of work to be done, as long as we don’t create server performance issues in the process, I think it is possible to expand a bit more into Exiled Lands.

Now that that is on the table, we aren’t currently working in that corner of the map to any capacity, and if we ever do, it will have to be integrated into a feature or content we want to deliver.

I know this is going to stir up a lot of buzz, sojust to re-iterate, while it may be possible for us to craft that corner of the map, it requires further R&D, which is not currently under way.


I am absolutely fine with Myth Busted!

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To know that its possible with work that is not currently planned is fine with me, too. :thinking:

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