3.0 TestLive Testing Requests

No it’s not that great. You still need to drink potiions.

META PvP build will probably be this:


With buffs you can either add another 15% damage bonus OR 60 flat health points OR flat 21 stamina points.

Functional Warpaints are normal warpaints now. They give no more bonuses and they also removed DP from the recipe.


Thank you very much @Jimbo :+1:t6:

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Now that grass dies. Can someone put a planter under a ceiling or roof piece and see if the aerial parts pop up out of the ceiling or roof?

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Interesting choice on armor, but I can tell you haven’t tried sorcery yet. Go further down the path, you’ll be surprised what you find

Even legends can be surpassed as long as there are others striving ahead. New technics learned or relearned . What has been done can be done again as the saying goes. Maybe there will be a stat pass on the legendary weapons before launch or after in a patch?

i think the meta will be
20 agility
20 vit
20 grit.

  • agility is much more stronger than strenght. Bow is stronger than before (now you can lock your aim and use charge shot), you can still kill people with 2 shots, you kill horses with around 6-8 shots now.
  • Your secondary weapon would be dagger which is a noob but very strong weapon at the moment.
  • You move much faster

Vit 20 gives you Last stand which is a pretty good perk
Grit 20 gives you another real good perk.

You wanna run around with red Encumbrance and ■■■■■■ stamina regen?

Not worth it at all.

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So you haven’t unlocked Abyssal armor, I see. You don’t need to lock in corruption to use it

I have unlocked and seen it. It is limited to 1 hour though.

Put it on, try it out. Kills refill the timer. Look at the bonuses and the armor value


Okay it is 10h not 1h.

The thing is, sorcery will be banned on the private servers I play on.

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Because it’s the Devil!

Unlike wholesome slaughter of entire cities.

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Because most see it as a pve concept thay has no way to be balanced in pvp arena. I mean the armies of zombies alone scream non pvp (as in the zombies will do all the fighting). Some pvpers want a true melee sword on sword fight. That is not to say those that want sorcery should not enjoy it. But it is not gonna balance some brokem pvp for many.

I see already several issues with that.

It does not decay in inventories. Only when you wear it.
It is standing out too much compared to the other armors.
It’s too easy to craft. Not even epic padding is required. 1 padding for a FULL armor set.

EDIT: It should corrupt over time, so its an armor exclusive for sorcerers.

EDIT: looks like my clan fiddled with the decay settings on my testlive server. It is not 10h

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can it be illusioned?

Nay, you can not remove it from inventory. It is stuck to your character.

So everyone will look the same again, running around with that armor. Transmog feature simply dodged.


But it looks really cool. Aesthetics is the heart of all great pvp!!! [sic]

You can’t even dye it… Everyone will be a copy of another again. Nothing will change in PvP.

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Well come on, Den knows better than us trolladite pvpers. So why would we dye it.