3.0 thrall nerf and authority attribute

I’ll drop the discussion here because you clearly have no idea what we’re talking about and you’re not even open to try to understand it. All you want is that your thralls dont lose a slight of their power for whatever reason since you apparently can clear everything by yourself anyways.

Im glad the dev team recognized that the strongest thralls are too strong and going to fix it.

(Non of my thralls ever died to a rocknose boss nor any boss currently in the game. I guess i just have really strong thralls then huh)

No because i took endless fights with my thralls myself i dont need someone to proof anything to me. I fought every single boss in this game multiple times. With lvl 20 thralls or lvl 10 thralls or even lvl 1 thralls. With berserkers, dalinsias, some ■■■■■ bearers. Even if i died because i wasnt paying attention or something else happened they survived easily. So no i dont need you to proof anything to me because i was playing and testing enough myself to know thralls and their powerlevel. I also ONLINE raided enough bases to know how stupid it is to have to fight through 30-50 fully levelled T4 Thralls with best gear because the defender is hiding behind the army they created not even trying to fight themselves. Eventually the thralls die after a long painful session of killing them but its stupid HOW long it actually takes you. How much this thralls actually tank before they die.

I know, that the T4 thralls have too much power atm and ill gladly watch them getting their power and health reduced.

No worries next time im playing on an official server i will do that for you.

Yeah those solo players can bring 2!!! Thralls now to fight whatever boss they want to fight. No one is locking anyone out of any content.

This one had a Razor Gord purge beam directly into the bungalow like he was a star trek character. We had foundation paved walkways up and everything.
It was pandemonium.

Most of the rum runners (this one was collecting named Black Hand thralls for this base) got sent to the Undiscovered Lands. Managed to keep a Crusher, a Thorn, and the dancer who hid in the bedroom.
Would have done better, but this one’s dumb @$$ was running around with a truncheon looking for new hires rather than meaningfully contributing to home defense. Also, some idiot had given the thralls poison orbs (this one was the idiot) and the enemies brought fire orbs. We all know how that works.

Anecdote aside, Blackhand are really not that good given how their hp, stats, and ranged combat with the severely concussed works, regardless of what the stats say.
Tiemos being the obvious exception.

This one would prefer parity to a blanket nerf.
Already weak thralls don’t need additional nerfing. That leaves them only fit to be sacrificed for dark power. The highest end thralls… Well the hp total can get a bit absurd at the highest ends. Damage rarely seems that high, but that could be this one’s inability to get a prisoner with job of high faction to level worth a @#$&.
This one is curious how well the Authority attribute, the new stat and equipment protocols, as well as new thrall stat spread work.
If Authority works like it’s advertised, that will preserve the Overseer play style where thrall does the work. It will be a work in progress. Looking forward to the howls of rage from the testlive servers.


This is my point. The “high level” fighters are needed for purges. And, if I must say it again,


I quit playing PvP because the amount of whining in game was too much. Maybe it was just the server we were on, but none of those players even knew where to get top level armor recipes. Half of them never went into dungeons.

But, if the thralls aren’t able to hold their own in a fight with multiple enemies, that Cult of Sobek purge is really going to go bad in a hurry. Because, if history is any guide, the thralls will get nerfed, but the NPCs will not. I’ve lost low health thralls to the wights outside the Barrow King when they gang up.

Yes, based on what we’ve seen so far, I’m not sure what the intentions are. That was another point. The livestream wasn’t very helpful. I have two questions that require answers.

1] What exactly are you trying to accomplish?
2] How exactly do you plan to do that?

We have pretty good communities on our servers. Several clans have said if the changes make thralls too weak, they’ll just play the log in and refresh game until it’s fixed, so that they don’t risk total destruction in a purge. That sounds like a plan.

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I do have a Relic Hunter Treasure Seeker that is a unicorn thrall. She has 11000 HP, and 63 strength. I dare say she could take out a Rockslde, and has, on her own. She’s even destroyed the Arena Champion.


Okay, so Rockslide is different. Maybe I misremembered, probably because Rockslide is so easy to simply avoid in the Exiled Lands. Its problem is that it prevents you from fighting back. Just about everything else, spiders, crocodiles, etc.where both sides can hit each other, the thrall comes on top if helped by a player. Rockslide is just unfair - it’s like sitting on a pillar shooting arrows at a purely melee opponent.

I do have a vague recollection of two T4 thralls taking down a Purge Rockslide, but that was quite some time ago.

Yes, as I said, I think I had one of those Purges once, and I was lucky to have two T4 thralls, in addition to one I had following me and my own humble contribution, to take that one down. (I may have been sitting on top of a pillar shooting arrows at it.)

To be honest, Rockslide is about the only thing I don’t want to face in the game, with or without a thrall. But that’s more a Rockslide problem rather than a thrall power level problem.

Not on a rocknose avalanche purge. Another boss that will mow nerfed thrall is thunderfoot (he already do it to normal thralls), may is for this reason they are enabling 2 followers (at some attribute points cost). But the problems is the guarding thrall, that in additon to the hp reduction will not have the bonuses of authority. So a rocknose purge will fill up the your cemetery. Four on five purges on the area i built my base is rocknose. I think funcom will acoplanish their goal of making bases very harder to defend, with the thrall limit, weaker thralls, and no bonus on guarding followers. It not bothers me at all conan world should be brutal. But making the a game harder by nerfing thigns is not that fun.


Dont forget to help. Thay wa also in the post.

good and who said they would? They are adjusting not killing thralls. All those speculations and wild crying and testing stuff which doesnt matter till 3.0 is here. Go make your tests on testlive but dont forget to use all the different thralls, right food for healing and the correct armors + weapons and multiple different bosses not just one. You have no clue how balancing works. Not around the weakest not around the hardest. A good middle.

You wanna talk bs? This is bs.

I dont offline raid because i like pvp not resident sleeper thrall killing and bombing :slight_smile: Assumptions, assumptions you gotta love it.

Go ahead ask people who played with me how many times i touched offline bases. You really gotta stop with the assumptions about someone you cleary dont know.

If you would actually read what i said you would know that i found good ways of dealing with bases full of thrall with 3 players sitting inside who rather see their endless hours of leveling getting killed one by one instead of actually defending their base themselves on official PVP servers. So i personally would also be fine without any nerfs.

BUT i know a large part of the community (pve and pvp) which would like adjustments to thralls. Not making a dalinsia have 3k hp while being fully levelled. Thats not what will happen and not what anyone wants. Or at least just a really hardcore part of the pvp community would like those extreme nerfs. I would not support that. But adjusting them? Taking some base armor, some strength and some hp from various T4 fighters since you’ll have a possibility to take 2 thralls with you and buff them through your attributes? Hell yah that sounds lika a good idea. Because when im gonna fight on the next official on 3.0 i dont want to walk into a guy with perfect food, armor and weapons for his 2 16k hp teimos and fight “him” aka his 2 thralls. So im all for adjustments about the strong thralls fighting average enemies. Either you try to understand it or you dont.

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Well i never asked them to do so. But find a little bit of a better balance so good thralls in pvp are not stupidly annoying to deal with because its player vs player not player vs. who has the better thrall or player vs. i hide behind my beserker with crom sword because i rather let him fight than fighting on my own. I get that not everybody is a gifted pvper - no one has to be i am certainly not. But a little bit more engagement by the actual player would be nice.

I see the concerns with offline raiding and such but imo thats another topic which needs to be addressed differently. Like finally enabling dbd or some other kind of base defense.

I think its healthy for the game. 2 named thralls shouldnt be able to solo an entire purge or defend a raid alone, this nerf will make the game more challanging and tactical and thats about time


ofc i can but have you ever tried to raid a base in lets say crevice with 4920 doors and small hallways against 40 lvl 20 thralls? Or fought a 6vs6 but the other team brought 1 thrall each while you brought non? Its not about me not being able to kill 1 thralls its about the effects they have during pvp.

Your test doesn’t reflect real-world situations: no player in the game would take a Teimos like that to a battle like that, dressed and armed like that with no support. Teimos is great, but not for this, unless as others have mentioned, you got a great roll whilst leveling.

This little fella obviously needs more STR focus, in both armor and buffs, and he needs a piercing weapon buff rather than a damaging one.

He’s seriously underperforming vs an NPC with 4800 HP armor in the 70s. If any player saw this, they’d switch Follower weapons, try sundering support (if that’s an option) and turn up the thrall healing.

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I would argue that Teimos without a poison/bleed weapon at all is the issue here. His HP is the greatest strength but if you don’t do something to drain the HP of opponent, then he will loose. Even if the fights I have seen with Teimos taking down Snowhunter, he bled her out…this wasn’t about raw damage but about the effects. I believe rockslide can get poisoned. Put a poison weapon on Teimos and watch (edit because I cant spell) the fun.


If you’re going to use a thrall vs rockslide for an example of what a thrall cannot do, why are you impeding them beforehand?

Rockslide has 7,200* armor, giving it nearly 97% damage reduction. And you sent in a thrall with a two handed sword instead of a hammer. You could damn near get better results with a handcrafted stone maul.

*- Information directly from the devkit from the MonsterStatTable data table, NPC_RocknoseKingBoss row


Thank you. I was tired of the dicussion but you’re so right. A lvl 20 Teimos with vit armor having only 8k hp is a bad one. Normally they have around 10-14k and good ones even more. And their damage multiplier isnt the best one so hes more for tanking than actually dealing tones of dmg without like bleeding or poison weapons. The armor is not tweaked neither is the food. Him fighting the rocknose alone without ANY help is also an unrealistic scenario. Just everything around this attempt to proof a point is designed for his benefit.

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