3 things you would like to change in AOC?


Yea, we have to ask Funcom to make a server for her, give her the T6 gear she craves so much for, and let her play there on her own, as long as she pays a subscription… :rofl::rofl::rofl:


1.Funcom has to do away with these pug minis, they are a cancer to the game, we need group sign up.

2.New ranks of PvP levels

3.Fix the stupid feared under the map in minis, its beyond Stupid.


Redesign minigame group forming priority

  1. Healers must be equally distributed
  2. If only one healer, heal neutralizer classes like necro/hox must be on other team.
  3. Tanks must be equally distributed
  4. If someone leave/join before game starts, teams must be reform again to enforce 1-3. The current group forming system is absolutely stupid.


Dungeon Que
Mini game brackets(gear score,something)
And maybe some class rebalance(don’t care who) just some changes