31 hours playtime, 15+ hours attempting to log in

Dear Funcom.

31 hours playtime, 15+ hours attempting to log in.

Today im allready at 4 hours and im still not in. Most of the time i can get in after 23:00.

  1. You need to double the amount servers can take. 80 players, not 40.
  2. We need an afk kick
  3. Damage structures not only till 23:00 o clock, some of us come home late from work and we too want to make pvp. If they raid me at 17:00 o clock its still offline raiding for me. So i suggest at least 00:00 o clock.
    And for weekend even longer.

It cant be that im paying for a game i cant play


For pvp i get your frustration but come on…its launch week. Its going to be hard to get on for a couple weeks. You cant expect funcom to spend a million dollars on hardware that will be redundant in a month.

And our server is 40/40 all the time. If you hit refresh it takes about 10-25 min to get on.

But. There should be a queue system…for sure!

The “Queue” right now is steam autoconnect. And im happy that you can get in after 25 min. Im reaching hour 5. But hey.

Million dollar for hardware !!! Those servers are rented. Nowadays those servers are cheap as f***. Millions …

And those servers are absolutely capable of handling more players easily but i fear the game is not :frowning:

Do not missunderstand me. I like the game a lot but if that goes on the playerbase will shrink a lot and thats not good for FUNCOM

Edit: Iits no 00:23, i tried to log in since 18:00. I have now 20 minutes to play. After that ill go to bed ^^

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took 3 of us over 2 hrs to get onto our server last night. Oceania has SFA servers , you can count on your hand. The character list on my server alone last count. (last night) was 334 players fighting for 40 slots . We need quite a lot more damn servers.

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Not sure if you know this but the steam auto queue thing tends to take a back seat to people that click and refresh manually. There are quite a few reddit posts on it. Maybe check it out

Good luck!

Yesterday i had the opportunity to log in early and stay afk in game till i came home. Had a few hours fun. But today my server is down, the whole day… come on

AFK kick is coming on the next patch. It’s currently going through testing on TestLive.

yep know about it, still took 2 hrs for 3 of us to get on manually, there is just too many people fighting with each other trying to get on…

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