47/5000 PvP-C destroy buildings in conflict areas

Sorry for bad English, it is not my native language and I am using google translator to make me understand. I’m new to Conan but a veteran of conflict and survival games.
The game has three options for worlds, pvp, pve-c and pve. I see problems in worlds where you cannot destroy player constructions. There should be a monthly opening for this to happen, or in case of implementing the declaration of war to enable destruction. Some players build and dispute areas that end up changing the respawn of important items. Open a window so that you can destroy this anti-game that is by building in an area of interest and conflict.

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I believe the devs have posted on this before, but generally because of the amount of official servers they have they will not intervene explicitly. I think they make exceptions if players are blocking the initial player spawns and things like that, but I’m not entirely sure. A dev would be able to better answer your question, I think.

Devs should manage exclusive resource spawns like brimstone and main boss despawns. And make the punishment severe so ppl stop doing it. (On PVE PVEC) Until they find a solution to stop it of course… (Just make it unable to build there on PVE/PVEC)

Secondly, I do NOT support any buildings/bases being destroyed on PVE/PVEC… I go there to not have to be on everyday. I get on PVEC 2-3 times a week. And fight when i feel like it. Its a working mans server type. I just feel id rather there be consequences for large builds than building destruction or building cap.


I will explain better, the server I play is the pve-c 1977 SA. There are players who build bases or blocks just to cut the respawn, block passage and areas of interest that theoretically would be in conflict. So it should shorten the life span of buildings or allow destruction in these areas.

in principle yes, but this would cancel out one of the main aspects of the server type: building protection

a better respawn logic for resources or more building blockers would better fit in the whole system

It would be interesting if players could act in defiance of the environment, it would not be an aggression to a player, but an attitude of defense to the environment altered in a selfish way. It would bring more excitement to Conan’s world.

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