A button for moving items in inventory that already exist in container structures

So I usually oganize my stuffs by putting them in several boxes/cupboard.

  • Cupboard for potions, ingredients, food, worms, decors etc.
  • Separate Chest for unused tool/weapons
  • Separate Chest for animal product (hide/skins/fangs/horns/etc)
  • Separate Chest for end products (leather/reinforced iron/shaped wood/etc)
  • Separate Chest for active equipments if I want to travel light for harvesting materials.
  • Crafting station’s storage slots be it blacksmith carpenter armorer furnace are filled with related materials
    and so on.

So most of the storage slots are already filled with fixed items, but it’s kinda tedious double clicking each item in inventory to all those containes for emptying inventory.

What I’m suggesting is taken from other crafting game where one button can move items in inventory that already exist in containers. It’s VERY CONVENIENT. I’d want this button in Conan Exiles. Please.

Inventory is on the right , the barrel container is on the left. Watch after one button click, all items of the same type in inventory that’s already exist in container all moved. So after I comeback from a trip which most of the times almost full encumbrance, I can empty my inventory in just a few clicks by visiting each of my container that I already know where to put each item in.

It would be even better if we can CUSTOMIZE CHEST CONTENT. So we can edit what a storage will contain like for example after clicking [customize contents] , the storage will be in editor mode, and if we drag an item, it will create a greyed out icon of the current item on that specific slot, so that slot won’t accept other item except the greyed out item icon. That way, the contents of the storage are already mapped inside, with the button above, it’d be very easy to organize stuffs.