A certain competition is loosing exclusivity with MS

While not dropping names, certain explorer survival competition to CE is loosing it’s exclusivity with MS which means it is most likely heading to PS (August is when the term ends so I would expect playstation release by Christmas season since most of the kinks were probably worked out in Xbox porting).

I would highly encourage a push towards putting the base game in PS Plus library. However I would suggest putting it in January. Here’s why. It’s going to pop on sale in Christmas, right so you get a bunch of gamers going and and ‘hell yeah’ it…anyways this is going to drive attention back to survival games similar to it…might as well snag the players that are interested in it but can’t fork out the cash. Let the competition bring back interest into the genre and the capitalize on that at this time to put the game and bazaar in their faces.


I originally got the ps version from ps+.

I dunno. CE is the big dog. Big dog dunna gotta worry about the little dog. If anything, people play what shall go unnamed and turn to CE out of similarity.

actually yes they need to worry about small dog , remember they almost went under until they gain support of Player that enjoyed CE , if their CE flagship goes down … then that be it for funcom … since their other mmo doesnt really work

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