Ps Plus Extra and CE plans

Can’t help but notice CE is not in the selection of PS4 games listed in PS Plus Extra tier. Will there be any effort to try to get the base game in that tier so that the Playstation numbers can increase?

I mean, why bother?

Lol. Good recall… but to bother because PS4 games can run on PS5.

The game is 4 years old now so giving away the base game and profiting on the dlcs is probably the best way to go…of course they could be waiting for 3.0 to come out and see how much new business that comes with the revision.

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I think CE still needs a next gen patch…?

You’d think if next gen gets its patch, and the game is back in news with 3.0/

Can’t remember… google keeps failing me with “patch note” threads as top results. -_-’

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