A complete disappointment

I thought ark had a awful launch from early access,I thought after so many months in development I’ll be able to play conan once it released and its worse then i can’t believe how awful it is. Not a single friend I know can play on the official servers(xbox) without crashing immediately its just disgusting when you join a server and see body’s everywhere before crashing yourself what a load of bull
I like conan I really do from the combat to the building and the lore but none of it matters if I can’t play the f***ing game.
I wanted to play official servers not single player or a dedicated server that’ll disappear one day or have admins ruin the experience.
Seriously wtf do I have to do to just play the game.

The mythical admins that ruin the game is something I’m glad I’ve never encountered. That said - I wouldn’t play on official servers pretty much ever. Too many issues. I vastly prefer playing on private servers with people I know.

Sadly I’m not really the Pve kinda guy I want to experience base raids,open world pvp.
I’m still checking the twitter every few hours to see if a hot fix is ever going to come.
I honestly wish I could get a refund but I bought the game for a friend since we game share.

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