A cosmetic to make my necro pets looks like Frozen hatred

Frozen hatred is my favorite pet in the game. Sadly is temporary only. I wanna have it forever and preferentially 8 of them. I would pay for it and don’t think that would be hard to allow Reaper or a mutilator to look like him and since he has different sizes :

  • 1 dot pet + transmog = smaller version
  • 2 dot pet + transmog = medium
  • 4 dot pet + transmog = largest version
  • 6 dot reanimation pet + transmog = about 20% larger than the largest version

I say this cuz I’m re playing AoC as a necromancer as AoC has one of the best necromancies in mmos

Skins for the Necro minions aren’t a thing? That seems like such a missed opportunity.