A few suggestions

it would be nice if we could have a few characters over the need to completely restart the game. i am playing as a chemerian but would also like to play as a asgardian and maybe a pict.

You may have done this but I also think it would be a cool add on to have a connection to the Thurian Age of Kull of atlantis and well also a node to the 30 years war of Solomon Kane. because these two earlier characters of REH were what helped him has out both the Hyborian age and also Conan himself.

i think kulls tombe would be a good addition as in my eyes it would also tie into the first conan movie. as i believe the tomb conan retreats into is in fact the tomb of Kull. in fact you could actually have kull turn up as he has traveled thru both time and space to the time of the romans in the story’ Kings of the Night’.

As for Solomon kane you could ether somehow link in the city of Negari which is hinted as going back to the hyborian age or you could simply have the Staff of solomon show up.