A method to limit healing potions without making them useless in combat

I actually glimpsed at a possible way to avoid potion abuse in combat, so as to avoid health builds from being too overwhelming.

It is not simply “add a cooldown to potions” either!

The idea would be to give a stacking debuff every time a healing potion is consumed. This debuff would simply reduce healing potion effectiveness for each stack. Heck, if you wanted to, there could even be a threshold where taking a potion would harm you instead of healing you!

Kindof like in real life where taking too much of a good thing would end up being a bad thing.

For maximum potion effectiveness, you’d have to wait for the debuff to go before taking another.

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Not a bad idea.

Using an healing potion should actually just slow you down for 50% dissipating to 25% until the heal finish. This game is still a running simulator and this would prevent people from running to heal.

Development wise, its easier to add a cooldown, than to implement and balance debuffs.

Agreed, but there’s a difrence between adding a band-aid and actually fixing the issue. The simplest solution is not always the best.

Adding a cooldown to it would go against what I believe to be one of this game’s philosophies. Not to mention that adding a cooldown to one thing means you’d need to consider adding cooldowns to everything else which would not be any less work in the end.

Debuff mechanics already exist in this game. This would be similar to food poisoning and bleed, thus not all that hard to code in theory. The part that affects healing values would be the hardest thing to adjust, but I can see this being done with little to no issue.

As for making the person run slower when under the effects of the heal, that’s beond the scope of what I was thinking. I have no response to that as of yet. Might be a good idea, might be bad, might need fine tuning, I don’t know yet.

But doing that it would affect PvE too harshly, IMO. If they do that, they need to make sure none of the bosses/hard creatures have BS moves, and that you can 100% take no hits from them… as it is now, is simply not possible to avoid damage on some encounters (talking just about PvE here)

And as it is now, healing potions don’t work in the first place since you lose its effect the moment you take damage. Also, in PvP, where this game seems to be focused in to a great extent, health potion spam on high HP builds was a real problem. So much so that they decided to “band-aid” the issue by negating healing when damage is taken.

The debuff doesn’t have to last 10 minutes, it could be simple as 15 seconds per stack. The first potion would be 100%, the second could be 85% if you take it too soon. Then you’d have to wait 30 seconds before getting 100% again, but you could still get 70% if you’re really in a pinch.

These values do not reflect what would actually work for the game, it’s more of an example to help think of ways to help PvE without making PvP go crazy with health.

Also, if you’re continuously chugging pots in PvE, then you’re doing it wrong. I can only feel pitty for the poor sod as his insides are being filled to bursting with viscous liquids. I’d probably want to hurl after my 5th pot. XD

Yeah, I could see 15 secs as something workable… it’d just extend the “waiting for heals to finish” game that we currently have for a bit longer, and maybe force the use of a shield for that wait period to avoid damage with total certainty.

Honestly, I’d prefer if potions didn’t heal but instead make you resilient to damage for a certain period, with cumulative diminishing returns over time in the same combat encounter.

That way, the only way to heal would be using bandages, which… are useless as they are otherwise.

Also, to go with that maybe eating food should have much less pronounced healing, but longer duration.

Disclaimer: To be clear, I don’t care too much for PvP myself… I just don’t want to see PvE enjoyment ruined due to PvP changes, like it has happened in other game(s) I play(ed).

Sadly, you’ll have to expect PvP to take some priority, since this game has clearly stated that it was their intent to start with. The best we can do is help them come up with good compromises.

Where did you see the strong bosses in this game ?? They are all predictable, and are easily killed in solo. I have already said that in this game there are no dangers except the players.

Well… I didn’t only refer to bosses… any creature that takes a bit long to kill and have any trick move that you can’t defend against… that includes Rhinos and other stuff that often have hitboxes that are way wider than their models and have glitches that causes you not to fight them correctly… that’s why I said they MUST make sure all of that is fixed FIRST… then balance heals.

EDIT: added quote for clarity.

Also, I feel like I should correct you BTRR. There are no dangers except being offline. Too many players are gutless. This is a problem that spans over every PvP game that is not arena based. It simply degenerates to griefing and recovering from someone else’s griefing. That, in my books, is not PvP. There is such a thing as using cunning and guile to overcome a stronger opponent, but taking out someone’s base when nobody is home is hardly using any form of skill or thought.

worst part of it is that I can’t think of a way to fix it! Adding offline protection would just oppen the game up to a whole diffrent line of abuse which would not be anywhere closer to PvP.

I honestly think that open world PvP is a meme. It’s why I play on a PvE server with PvP events. Though we lose out on epic siege battles, it’s not like those actually happen on actual PvP servers anyway.