A new dungeon atmosphere and a suggestion

First, sorry my English is very bad and I draw very poorly …

Dungeon atmostphere :

   Theme : The Grit

This picture gave me an idea (picture from your trailer, sorry for that) :
I hope you’ll find it amusing !

I imagine that :

All falls are deadly.

Very useful tools :

  • Climbing boots
  • Climbing gloves

Extremely stressful, when your stamina decreases …
And the permanent fear to falling …

Suggestion :

At the beginning of a new game, with the low level of my character, he need a leather armor.

When I go out hunting, I get a lot of bones and a lot of meat (My character can’t eat all this !),
that fill in my inventory, but very few leather.

The first leather armors require a lot of leather.

In my opinion, the stone skinning knife is a very useful tool, that help a lot in the beginning.

Thank you for your work !
Your game is incredible !

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