A new few abilities to players and thralls and stealth added to game

First New ability is Lineline: Thralls or players can save the life of a falling players. Thralls has to be part of that players clan. Players don’t have to be part of your clan to save you. Note when saved the player who was save can’t move or act for 20 seconds. If the saved player is place on the ground the player can’t move or act for 1 min.

Second New ability is Throw: Players of a clan can throw a another clan member. Both players has to confirmed the throw. The lighter you are the higher you can be thrown.

Wall run: Uses a lot of stamina to run and jump up a wall and grab the edge.

A New stat called stealth should enter this game. I don’t want stealth bonus damage. I want a few sneaking abilities. Stealth is base on agility. The higher agility the better at stealth you are. Stealth has no perks tie to it. This way agility keeps its stat perks.

Sneak-While crouch you have a are harder to detect.

Hide: press self against walls to try to avoid detection.

Disguise: camouflage self as enemy thralls or players.

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This would add strategy to the game.

I was hoping to get alot of feedback on this.

Keep those creative juices flowing! I’d like to see hand to hand combat fighting capabilities added to the combat system. Maybe some grapples, throws, punches, and bone breaking combos. Surely Conan would approve of some bare knuckles fighting!

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You already can do that just by wearing the same gear of the npcs, I often do that in New Asgarth as I only go there and scout to see if t4 is spawned. I wear Vanir medium, so when I noticed a nearby player that potentially saw me, I walk and behave as a npc :slight_smile:

As for stealth, Bylos already answered when asked if some sort of stealth was planned to be added, his answer “There is already stealth in the game, and the stealth is, don’t be seen”

I kinda like this answer as its a pure skill that needs to be done manually, I hope they never add that kind of “invisibility” stealth with a button press.

Although, I would like to see a stealth element regarding dagger attacks from behind, like a backstab doing extra dmg, and dagger dmg should be tied to agility, not strengh.


Shame on you. You didn’t read my topic fully.

First no where does it say invisibility.

Second sneak and hide are worthless against Players.

Third I stated no extra sneak damage. Meaning I am against stealth being given bonus damage.

It more fun to see clans throw there allies. Better to see a falling exile saved.

Oh, I did read, but I only pointed what I think interesting.

Right, you didn’t said invisibility, but most of the time people ask for stealth mechanics in this game as it could be in MMO’s, so I just mentioned that to clarify.

Now, sneak and hide worthless against players??? I guess you’re doing it wrong, I seank on players everytime, there are a lot of obstacles around you can hide, bushes, rocks, hills, you gotta play it like real life, be creative, get distance and don’t be seen!

Agility has room enough in perks that could work with sneak attacks, the damage doesn’t need to be op, its just a gamestyle for those who like the assassin type, if you ask for stealth without that then what would stealth work for??

You see Bryan, everytime I reply in some post made by you, you come with some level of hostility, I actually helped your post replying to it, but alright, pretend I didn’t and just move on, have a good life and good fun in the game.

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Unless you jump up on a rock or hang on the side of a cliff.

It’s like a cloak of invisibility against the AI.

I’ve never tested how close you can get to an enemy while being in sneak before they recognize you to judge if sneak actually does anything. It does say in the game tips that it does however.

Not sure about sneaking but I did think it helped me by pass a Dragon the other day so it may help a little.
Also when you jump on a cliff edge its more like the NPC’s just can’t be arsed to bother with you anymore.

I do like the Life line idea as it would be fun to meet random player who just died and help him by bringing him back Would be good if you could only do it with bandages so that way it cannot be spammed as easy by large clans.

I agree with Caco about the stealth.

Would like the wall run ability to be in the game but would like to see it attached to the agility perks so it cannot be spammed by everyone.
Would be fun playing as an assassin with a bow for that.

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1.) Hide and sneak is for wild life.

2.) No bonus damage needed to stealth. We don’t need a 1 shot bosses like in skyrim.

3.) Agility perks shouldn’t change. Agility would be use for detection radius by none player enemies.

4.) Disguise is mosty for thralls,NPC’s and players.

Lifeline has a debuff. You can’t move or act for a short time. If the player holds you for 20 seconds. 60 seconds if you are place on the ground.

Lifeline can only stop a falling player. A dead player can’t be revive.

The Chinese have successfully developed several stealthy techniques over the course of CE’s life. Can’t wait for what they come up with next!

I would realy like to see some sort of stealth or sneak or hiding option in the Game.
Shure… Bylos said avoid being seen, but i also heard that not everthing is set in stone.
So it dont has to be a one Button invisible Stuff like in AoC or other Games, it could be an Armormodification that reduces the distance when a Player first sees you even with full Graphics.
It could be some Perk you must reach, so you have to pay for it because you loose other options , maby damage maby Vitality you must sacrifice.
It could be an Abilitiy that givs you a little bit of Nightvision for example, maby as far as a Torch allows you to see but not noticeable for People arround you without the same skill. This would give you advantage only at night. There are many Things possible. No way that one Button Thing, but also no way to bring no further options to hide or sneak into the Game.