A new year and still no sorcery



There is no sorcery in game right now.


in gaming industry Beta-testers are pay to test some parts not all the game as you or me will play it. They get only parts of game that are under development in that time. When you put them all together starts the fun :slight_smile:
This is cause we do not play the game how the developer things ,here is the global problem :slight_smile:


Marvel Heroes was fine, Disney TOOK IT down, as disney have rights to Marvel and they plan to release marvel stuff on their own portal


If professional beta testers are the judges, then players are the jury.

Right now, we have the jury only, without the judge.

There needs to be both. The objective, and the subjective.


Am a little confused tho, a while back they release a video saying sorcery will be in the game, then they released a statement that they are going to cut it out, is it back on the development list as of recent or am i missing something. What i think this game needs the most tho is a developer roadmap, lots of developers now got used to the idea of not releasing any news about upcoming features and players are letting them get away with that.


Back in October 2018 in another thread about Sorcery we had a response from Jens about it… this is the link to his full reply: Where the Magic funcom?

The specifics for sorcery was as follows (but I can’t make it as a quote box):

"First off, thank you for all your input and for sharing your opinions. I completely understand that it’s frustrating to not know anything definitive about such a hot topic as sorcery so hopefully I’ll be able to clear some things up.

To put it bluntly: Magic is still up in the air. Right now our current focus is finishing and releasing the three remaining dungeons that were on our roadmap. Sorcery is very, very early, and we don’t even know what it might look like or if it will be implemented at this point."

As of January 2019 - we’ve not had the next three dungeons he’s mentioned. Of course the Olso Funcom office has only returned from their Christmas break this week, so I suspect they will be back into the routine work and release a community newsletter soon.


Well thanks Kwalya that clear is it for me, i don’t understand why people here are saying that it will be the next big update, as far as i can tell they don’t even have any plans for it. I really was hoping for something fresh and if it takes forever to deliver on features promised over 2 years ago i kind of lost interest to be honest i mean there are some many good games out now i worry how Conan Exiles will stay competitive since its an online game anyway.


Play on modded servers that have magic if this is so big an issue for you


He plays on ps4 so this is not an option for him.
We own the game however, so even it takes many more months before it has the sorcery he desires he will be able to update it then and play …he can chose to put it aside and play other things until it has what interests him and then reinstall the game … it’s not like we are on a limited time subscription model where we will lose access after it expires.
But I know it’s frustrating waiting and waiting for something to be working in the game
… my clan mate and I started playing around launch (May 2018) and have been playing and waiting since July for the purges to be working … we see no point in restarting characters until they are
…so we happily keep occupied with other aspects of the game … his base is quite magnificent now and I am slowly increasing my number of wolves to cover every letter of the alphabet …got my A to Z now with a mix of male and female names - these now need to be paired with Nordiemer thralls to guard my bridge…then I might start again and alternate so every wolf which had a female name gets a partner wolf with a male name starting with same letter and vice versa. My collection of hyenas placed on tall rocks named after the international letter code (Alfa, bravo etc) is progressing nicely too…to ensure I do not complete these projects too quickly I limit the number of animal pens.


You’re wrong. Marvel Omega was a mess for consoles once finally release on consoles. The consoles versions were outdated from the PC. DCUO however is fine. It’s no city of heroes/villains.


That topic adds a bit of data. Over 100 funcom employees. Bigger than warframes. And most mmo companies.


and half of them are in marketing team :))

The coders/ programmers count on bug and a good coder is hard to get and is expensive


Still more than warframes. And they started with only 2 female game designer.

So funcom can’t complain.

We need sorcery fast before Conan Exiles is left to dust.


i say we need to fix the main function fast :smiley: cause Conan exile fail to deliver what they promise since May 8, 2018 when the game official release we still have major core bugs .


  • is to big gets over chat , you cannot type cause slot 1 gos over chat window
  • UI is big and ugly
  • Blood effect bug is still in game he pop out from time to time (full hp and your screen is full of blood)

Craft and info

  • No info on armors is like lottery no info on what bonus they give and how much armor ( you must check the internet to play this game)
  • Annoying crafting menu eats time when you want to craft something and you do not the name exactly


  • Is so stupid that if u climb a rock you kill them all with no problem
  • Dungeons Boss are … (there are no words to describe them) Even Mario Dragon was more challenging , and im not joking
  • Thrals :smiley: (o boy :)) )

Some zone decay buildings in 2 days

  • Near sink hole (decay is 2 days)
  • Frozen water (decay is 1 days) 2 full volts i lost in 2 days

Raids on pvp advantage the attackers not the defenders.

There are allot problems that need attention but if you fallow the updates you will see they fix them one buy one.
This game need allot of TLC mate, and i agree with funcom on holding the magic back till they will sort out and balance the game
As for time they will deliver what they promise we will have on release date i cannot tell you that. but i can tell you that all bugs are hard and time consuming to fix and they require very good C+ skills.
And do not forget that this is a business and at the end of month they must win money or this will be shoot down. If you think Funcom is doing this for the love of games you are naive :)) im shore they start with the love in the heart but when you get hungry the love is gone :slight_smile:


I completely disagree with you, this game needs more stability and more improvements to the core features like thrall AI, Pets, armor etc.

Don’t get me wrong, but from reading your posts I think you are in the wrong game, Conan Exiles will get sorcery but most likely not to the extent you wish :slightly_smiling_face:


The wiki has been updated with information from the post mentioned by @Kwalya .


If anything is missing on the wiki, please contribute (anyone is able to contribute!) or let us know. We also have a wiki channel on the fan-made Conan Exiles discord.


If the game dies then there no cash to fix the bugs/glitches.

The game boring right now.

Another survival game without magic right now.

What so special about Conan Exiles.

As of now nothing.

You got ark,rust and etc. All open world survival games with some special.


I’m not trying to be rude, but maybe we’re playing different games. What special about CE? Aside from the game itself, bugs and all… Funcom has done a wonderful job of bringing the world of Conan to life. I’ve loved the world created by Howard for the last 33 years. Now I get to live, build, strive, and kill in it.

Yes, the game isn’t perfect but Funcom’s staff keeps listening to us and keeps working on it. At least they’re trying. With or without sorcery, I love the game.


Sorcery needs to be added asap.

Time ticking. A new open world survival game comes out every month it seems.

Conan Exiles is just another open world survival.

It’s a fish eat fish world.

Or do they need sword coast legends effect?

Sword coast legend shutdown due to lack of funds.

Conan Exiles could have same effect.


Sorcery does not need to be added asap.

But none as good as Conan Exiles.

No. Conan Exiles is the best open world survival game.

Yes, and Conan Exiles is at the top of the food chain.

No, they need to fix game mechanics and improve the thralls/AI, which they are doing.

Which has nothing to do with Conan Exiles.

So could every game in the world.