A player handbook

A full details about the game inside the game. Tell new players how to get Iron,Steel and Etc.

Do you know how to make steel? Do you know how to make harden steel? All this info in the player’s handbook.


Yes this would be of great help to a newbie player! Thank you for suggesting this.

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It annoying to go to the wikia went it out of date.

This game needs more data sent to the player.

This is needed baldy.

Just update the wiki then!

Player handbook keeps players focus on the game. Question: How do you make star metal bars.

A player handbook offers players to get better at Conan exiles. Players become elites instead of staying as noobs.

This keeps people in game and focus.

I agree, I don’t have the time to try and figure out how to make mushroom soup, I’ll just google it. Or GLASS FLASKS. I would have never figured that out, I have to work unfortunately lol.

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When you are new you don’t know you need steel fire to make steel. Star metal bars requires black ice,brimstone and 2 star metal ore. Did you know that? It use to be games help it’s players.


“Mimimimi…i want a system that tells me anything, so i dont need to spend a little time to find it out by myself… mimimi… i want a map where i can see enemys and my teammembers…mimimi… i dont wanna make damage when i hit my teammates …mimimimi …and so on”

Sorry, but you’re all effeminate players.

Its part of the game to find out that stuff. Its a SURVIVAL Game.
I love that the game is like Minecraft in its beginning. Where you need to learn all of the possiblities that the game offers by yourself. That extends the fun you can have with it!
More games should be like that. Almost no challenging games out there anymore!

Edit: Btw. for example, there is a reason, why you cant see the stats of an object, BEFORE you crafted it. Its the spirit of CE, that you have to find that stuff out!

Dont you dare to change that, Devs! :wink:

Spoken like a true noob.

Most survival games explain that I need Iron or other resource to make steel.

What part of star metal screams black ice? None!

What part of survival game screams wikia? None!

And this is why game guides books still exist. So is there a conan exiles game guide book?

Would be great to be given the hints based or lore or npc conversation. Just some more than current.

I despise looking at the wiki so I always try and learn myself and this game is decent at helping a noob but a small bit more would be great. The journey really helps alot of this though

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You really need someone explain that to you?
Who’s the noob now?

Most of the recipes are shown ALREADY in the game.

Go play Ark or Barbies Dreamhouse…

I hope that’s sarcasm as they do make it obvious in-game for both!

I agree with that. I love when games promote experimentation and discovery. Figuring things out on one’s own is so much more rewarding than Googling everything.

The in-game description of black ice says it’s used in smelting star metal…
So I tossed it into the forge with star metal ore. Boom, ingots were produced because I already had brimstone in there to make hardened steel. Brimstone also says it’s used to make steelfire to smelt steel.

So really, what are you talking about man? Just read.


I wouldn’t want for them to spoil everything in the game… buy mayhaps, they could add some of the obvious recipes to be found in the world too? Same as the others that you “have” to learn…

For example, you go to the black ship to capture that T4 blacksmith etc… and nearby you can find a note scrabbled in which it says something about star metal too…

I’m just suggesting, and perhaps there already is some of that that I haven’t found yet…

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I’d be cool with something like that, but I think Mounds of the Dead would be more appropriate as the Cimerrians use star metal gear. Maybe hardened steel in New Asagarth and Steel on The Black Galleon.

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