A plea from the thralls in CE

Hi, my name is Aphrodite and I am a berserker hence my title of “fighter”. My Mistress spent untold hours with me to get me to level 20 and then found out I have a congenital weakness. Now I must spend my life “Skulking”. Please help. . .

HI, my name is Antigonia and I am a berserker hence my title of “fighter”. I have never used a bow in my life because they suck, and have always used a sword, but all of a sudden I am an expert marksman and my sword skills are poor. Now my Mistress ignores me. Please help. . .

Hi, many of you know me, I am Dalinsia and an expert with a sword, I have never used a bow, hence my title of “fighter”. All of a sudden like magic, I am gaining bow skills and my Mistress hates me. Please help. . .

Three recent examples out of many of poorly designed perk RNG.
Now in order to keep trying for that perfect thrall we get to delete over one hundred thralls. That is the reward for being a seasoned player that has put much $$$ and love into playing this game.

Also, new players that will never reach the hard cap on PVP servers will be at a disadvantage and solo players will be at a disadvantage.

This person gives Funcom another “poorly done” rating. :-1:

And yes, this is feedback, move it where you like, I really do not care anymore.


We need a yellow lotus potion for thralls to unlearn perks. And get those minus stre and vit perks out of here for Ymirs sake, im enslaving more aesir than i otherwhise would need to do whenever i get those perks.

Good post btw.


And why do 90% of the archery perks come with a strength nerf? Does using a bow not require strength?
If they are going to penalize us so heavily with thrall limits they need to rework that mess they call perk RNG.

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